Scenarios, how to and gotchas

Why not play a scenario to change things up? This is an introductory article on the basics and the gotchas of setting up a scenario.

I will be (will have) posting in some detail how to setup and play each available scenario. Please look out for those, as I will be posting about each one I get to play.

The important thing to remember is proper setup. We want to prevent a save game being blocked from uploading. When the save file is rejected, it could need the system administrator to intervene. Let's prevent that and some red faces.

Civ 6 main menu > Multiplayer > Hotseat (Game Setup Screen)
Ok, we are at the first screen where we set all the game parameters. The first thing you should do is click the button Additional Content on the top left.

Next, only have Official content ticked.

Then click Disabled All (which will only disable all Official Content)

Next, lets click on and enable “The Black Death” scenario.

This scenario is a Gathering Storm scenario. I know this because it automatically re-enabled the Gathering Storm content further up the list.

Why did we just do this? I believe there seems to be some extra information in the scenario save file of the mods ticked. So if I did not tick them on the PYDT webpage, they are ticked in the save file. So we could get an upload error. Each scenario, I will post on how to set it up after more testing.

Go back the the game setup and change the ruleset to the scenario you want. Note the size of the map. Some games are a fixed size.

Now, a few tips when creating a game on the PYDT website.

  • Game title - good idea to be clear the game is a scenario.
  • DLC - whether or not Gathering Storm (etc) is required or which mod pack too. For this example, Gathering Storm is the only one ticked. Cross check which ones are enabled in the Additional Content list.
  • Only Random Civs - in most cases has to be ticked because the civilizations wont match.
  • Map Size - Ensure the title (Small, Standard, Large ) matches. A standard Small civ game is 6 players, a Black Death Small is only 4.
  • Map Type - set to custom
  • Finally, how many human players? For the black death example I would set it down to 4 slots and 4 humans.

Finally, at least link to the individual scenario forum post I will (or have) made in the game description. Or copy from that description from the post I will provide. It’s nice to have some sort of idea of what we a playing, and of the general strategy direction…

Look out for the individual scenario posts as I release them.