Scenario - Pirates (Vanilla)

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Hotseat Game Settings
Enable additional content: “Multiplayer Scenario: Pirates”
Set ruleset to: Pirates

PYDT create game settings :
DLC Support: None

Map Speed: Other / Custom Speed
Map Type: Other / Custom Size
Map Size: Other / Custom Size
“Only allow random Civ selection:” - tick

8 total players
4 human players

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#### **Scenario Description**

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Pirates is about plunder, fame, and adventure on the high seas.

**Victory Condition**
There is only one way to win Pirates: surviving until the turn limit, at which point you must have the most total score. There are three types of score: Fightin', Treasure, and Infamy.

Points in the Fightin' category are earned by:
* Engaging in battle

Points in the Treasure category are earned by:

* Burying treasure
* Pillaging Gold Ships

Points in the Infamy category are earned by:

* Revealing hexes as the Swashbucklers
* Defeating Infamous Pirates

**Additional Info**
* At port, you can hit the taverns to gather additional crew, pick up maps to buried treasure, and get relics that’ll give you additional passive bonuses.
* Buccaneers in this scenario, taking the place of barbarians.

#### **My Description**
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The game is fun. The turns are very short as there is not much to do.

Playing all 4 human players in “single player” would be fun.