Scenario - Global Thermonuclear War (Vanilla)

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Hotseat Game Settings
Enable additional content: “Multiplayer Scenario: Global Thermonuclear War”
Set ruleset to: Global Thermonuclear War

PYDT create game settings
DLC Support: None

Map Speed: Other / Custom Speed
Map Type: Other / Custom Size
Map Size: Other / Custom Size

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#### **Scenario Description**

The Cold War runs hot in this combat-based scenario set in the Atomic Era. Lasts 50 Turns.

**Victory Conditions**
* Lord of the Armageddon: If any city center is nuked, nuke the most city centers by the turn limit.
* Tank Banker: If no city centers are nuked, have the most tanks by the turn limit.
* Proxy War: Capture 3 city-states.

**Gameplay Changes**
Units and nuclear devices are cheaper to build and maintain. They don't require strategic resources.
* Extended ranges for WMD Strikes and Bombers.
* Builders have more charges for faster city development.
* The map starts revealed.
* No Tribal Villages.
* No Barbarians.
* War Weariness is disabled.

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:+1: We all enjoyed this.

Recommendations for a fun game.

  • Always war. Declare war on meeting anyone.
  • Map. Inland sea, Pangaea, Mirror, Snowflake, Lakes to name a few.