Scenario - Cavalry and Cannonades

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Hotseat Game Settings
Enable additional content: “Multiplayer Scenario: Cavalry and Cannonades”
Set ruleset to: Cavalry and Cannonades

PYDT create game settings :
DLC Support: None

Map Speed: Other / Custom Speed
Map Type: Other / Custom Size
Map Size: Other / Custom Size
“Only allow random Civ selection:” - tick

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#### **Scenario Description**
Claw territory from your enemies in this combat-focused scenario set in the Industrial Era. Lasts 50 Turns.

**Victory Condition**
Prove yourself the grandest strategist of the Industrial Era by possessing the most territory at the turn limit.

**Gameplay Changes**
* Greatly reduced unit maintenance costs.
* Units no longer require strategic resources to be built.

#### **My Description**
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