Scenario - Ancient Rivals (Vanilla)

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Hotseat Game Settings
Enable additional content: “Multiplayer Scenario: Ancient Rivals”
Set ruleset to: Ancient Rivals

PYDT create game settings
DLC Support: None

Map Speed: Other / Custom Speed
Map Type: Other / Custom Size
Map Size: Other / Custom Size

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#### **Scenario Description**

Expand your horizons and get civilized in this exploration and culture-based scenario set in the Ancient Era.  **Lasts 50 turns** (depending on game speed) .

**Victory Conditions**

At the turn limit, victory is awarded to the player with the most of the following conditions. Ties are resolved based on score.

* Cultured - Research the most civics.
* Explorer - Reveal the most hexes on the map.
* Ancient Raider - Pillage the most hexs.
* Wonder of the Ancient World - Possess the most wonders.

#### **My Description**
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:+1: We all enjoyed this.

The number of turns was short on the default speed.
Recommend Quick speed.