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Um did I mess up by having a time per turn? I just noticed it

Hi all,

I have proof that the player Taco, in command of Poland, is cheating. We are at war cause he decided to plunder a trade route of mine without any provocation with a scout. I then started moving all of my units to pursuit and encircle said scout and make it pay for his actions. And when the circle was about to be closed, he’s moved the scout completely ingnoring the zone of control I was exerting and going beyond the MP available to that unit. And the unit even appears as fully fortified.

Good thing I use to take a lot of screenshots. Here’s the proof:

Turn 30:

Turn 31:

As you can see here, his Steam account shows he already had a block for cheating:

These async games go on for months and even years. Cheating is always unacceptable and cause of ban, but here is even more gross and disrespectful to all players involved. My petition is clear: to ban this player from this game. I’ll make sure to post this on the PYDT Discord for all players to be aware, as he is in 6 more games.

Have a look at my previous message, @mrosack

Sorry to bother you.

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I don’t know how you arranged or edited these screenshots but I think you’re just mad that I plundered your route, no need for that man, this is just a game

If he did, he is damn good at photoshopping. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is a fast scout… Cheating is of course unacceptable, unless Taco can provide an explanation I vote to kick and report.

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Yeah, if everyone agrees @PierreReynaud is free to kick him, if you feel this is worth a site wide ban we can discuss in discord.

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Unless there is some explanation, I agree. I’m not smart enough to know how to cheat to have a scout ignore ZoC, use 3 movement points, and fortify with no promotions.

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I posted to the CPL PYDT General Chat to see if anyone else can offer input.

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@MisterT800 You seem to have a scout in this area, anything you observed?

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Thank you. I’ve done the same to the Civ 6 Cloud & PYDT Games server.

However, I gave it a deep thought before making my accusation. I’m certain that movement was illegal, but external input is always appreciated.

Is Matterhorn in this game and could the scout have the special promotion?

I don’t know if Matterhorn is in the game. Only Natural Wonder I’ve found so far Zhangye Danxia. But Matterhorn wouldn’t explain that movement. Matterhorn gives land units the ability to ignore hills terrain penalty movement not Zone of Control. Also it wouldn’t explain how the scout is fully fortified (+6 defense), which requires 2 turns stationary.

Does anyone have the save file for these turns?

as far as I understand pydt caches the game in a S3 bucket, I dont know the retention policy, but admins should be able to recover the save files

If we can get the turn 30 and turn 31 save files, the kind people at CPL can look at them to determine if cheating was involved. This would be an unbiased opinion. I would want evidence before we kick a player or tarnish their reputation.

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Here’s the saves PYDT has, the numbers should correspond to the start of the turn # in the turn history screen.

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I’ve made a copy of turn 31 save. Does that serve or it has to be from the beginning of the round?

PYDT has a feature to revert turns.

Edit: I hadn’t read previous message.

Also, @Taco1 - staying quiet isn’t helping your case here, if you’re innocent speak up please.