[DONE] Please remove player from game

Hello - The player Taco1 has been found to be cheating in a PYDT game:

Casual Civ 6 (7c0dac3d) - Smack Talk - Play Your Damn Turn

Can you please remove him from the following game?

6 Seats, No AI’s, Pangea, FFA, BBG, BBS - 1x turn per day | Civilization 6 | Play Your Damn Turn

There is no need for a sub. We’re currently voting whether to continue with the AI in his place or end the game altogether.

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I pushed a code fix so you can kick banned players anytime, give it another shot.

@mrosack - he left/surrendered before kicked. Thank you anyway, though.

Related but different question: because the game was so far along, the players have voted to declare the game finished instead of finding a sub. I don’t see any way to conclude the game through the Admin tab or other part of the PYDT tool. What is the best way to do this?

There’s really nothing to do other than surrender.

Thank you.

Also, thank you for your time working on PYDT! It is appreciated.

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