Long chiling game (1823ce89)

Smack talk goes here for Long chiling game! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/1823ce89-390b-41f1-91af-ab76da8b4dd2

It looks like this is your first time hosting a game, welcome!

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What other settings does this game have?
victory conditions?

we discuss matters in this channel right now Great Civ VI games on PYDT

This game has been reset by the admin.

O.k., cause of a mistake i made, we re-started with same leaders as we had.
Better during the first move than anytime else :wink:

i’m sorry - but by the way, my starting position is much worder this time :wink:

Our discord channel moved to: Civlization VI Game Hub

@Félix : If you don’t wanna play this game, it’s o.k. Just tell it before your first turn.
If you wanna play you should look in 2 times a day - 9 others are waiting.

Who is Felix?


He left the Discord-server after i wrote the message above.

So what to do? Could a new player join at PYDT, if i kick him?

Yes sorry, i thought you already kicked me out. Have no time to play atm, so i prefere leaving now and not after a few turns.

should i surrender the game?

No, wait if somebody wants to substitute you.

hey anyone, we started a some special game a few days before: Large continents map, 10 human players and STANDARD speed. The Long chilling game .
Now one player will obviously not play. It’s still his first turn, so anybody who would substitute him is playing from the very beginning. We’re playing with random leaders and the slot has Hammurabi as civ.

Anybody interested?

There should be a little bot that puts people in the order of time zone. I am in GMT+8 for games with so many players.

I will be going to bed soon, and the person before me is likely going to wake up soon. GMT-6.

Indeed this will be a very long chilling game. About a year I predict.
Assuming 1 turn a day, 300 turns for victory.

@Markelix , I liked how @PerroFlamer planned the order for this other game:

yeah, that was my very first game (so i didn’t order anything) and i learned from it. So the other game will have a much better order - if this or similar :wink:

… [deleted]

Yeah, even it was my beginner-mistake not to put a better order (adis proposal came too late), the order we have is not too bad, we COULD even with the existing oder reach 1turn/day (see below) and should not need longer than 2 days for one “round” - but we need mostly 3. :frowning:

Here actual order with best playing-times to “keep the flow” and below with an “optimized” turn order