8 Seats, No AI's, Highlands, StdSpd, BBG, BBS, MOD's, Tryhard, FFA (rules) (08650425)

Smack talk goes here for 8 Seats, No AI’s, Highlands, StdSpd, BBG, BBS, MOD’s, Tryhard, FFA (rules) ! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/08650425-b761-4876-9577-ac02d7b8a56d

@Manoir can you help us leaving this game, it was my bad not putting a password as this game is a restart from another game. I’m sorry, and thanks in advance. :saluting_face:

Ok, so here we go again, I’m gonna post one more time the turn order:

If people with the blue turns take them on time we are gonna be able to do 2 turns per day average.
Good luck to everyone and fair play. :+1:

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My laptop is broken.
It will take about 2 weeks to fix it.

That’s a shame but can’t be helped. Thanks for letting us know.

Can’t you buy another laptop and then return it after 2 weeks?

I can’t. :frowning:

I will be AFK between 13th and 20th.

I cannot assign policies, the button doesn’t work, no matter the combination of policies.

I don’t know how to fix this. How did you get three economic policy slots?

If you shift-enter, you may be able to end your turn.

Kublai Khan has one more economic slot in any government.
I can end my turn even without assigning the policies, but I do not want that.

Chiefdom has 1 economic policy slot, plus 1 for Kublai, equals 2, not 3. Am i missing something?

Dunno… Don’t quote me, but…
Doesn’t one of the secret societies grant an extra slot ?
Just a thought…

Oh, yes, I am also a not-anymore-secret member of the secret society “Owls of Minerva” :smiley:

So if you are no longer a member, than that should remove the 3rd econ slot. Maybe just a UI glitch.

I am a member, I am not a secret member anymore because I told you all that I am :smiley:

It seems this is a known issue

And here is a mod that adds a blank policy card to solve the issue

Normally, I could live a few turns without any card, but in this game I would need to wait 13-22 turns until I get the 3rd economic card.

If it’s a known bug not sure how we work around it other than to scrap the game

I am ok with a restart, in which case I would leave my slot to someone else, as I have too many active games.

But if you want to continue the game, we could go back one round, for me not to select the governor in the previous round.