Long chiling game (1823ce89)

Atm, with 3 days / “round” (and 500 turns) game would take 4 years without holidays etc., means 5+ years with.
For me no problem but let’s discuss if we should re-start with the other turn-order. Everybody should consider for himself, if the longer “best playing-times” would make the difference for her/him.

[The “critical” point - no matter wich order - is the small playing-window of Fatus. So the recommended times always aim to the goal to hit his “window” exactely, when it’s his turn.]

it’s not possible to reorder the turn order? or at least swap the player civs if the players would agree?

neither nor.

well if it’s possible to substitute players, it would be possible to rearange the order by using the substitution? And we dont have to sub everyone to rearange, only the “bottleneck”

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I don’t know if that would work - and even if i change only one or two, nearly everybody else will switch 1 or 2 places… AND nearly everybody would have e new civilization.

For example - with Jobbys new playing times, known since this morning - i would prefer to put Jobby directly behind me, Mister T behind Adi and then Lambo behind pertrojbl so he needn’t make his turn in the one hour at his early morning. So turn order (and civiliuzation) would change for everybody but me - with a lot of work for PYDT admins.

@Markelix, could you please re-make this considering Jobby’s new play-time?
It would be interesting to see the better order now.

Yes i’ll do.

But anyway the problem is: we restart now (or do anything else) and a few weeks later maybe another player decides also, that he has now completely new playing times.

So maybe we (including me) should accept, that we’ll play not 2-3 years but 5-6. :wink:

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I think theres a feasible solution when only two players would have to switch. maybe some linear optimization or chat gpt would help be provided with the data

Here again the table; with new order in the “optimized” order:

As you see, it’s still not done with one (or more) single exchange(s).
less than before, cause Jobby and Fatus and MrT800 and me have together one hour now.

If only one exchange: MrT800 and Chiller (?)

Even the new schedule it would be unlikely to be much more than one turn a day.

My timing is the one that is quite different from everyone.

Well, it’s gonna be a long chilling game, just like the name predicted :))

I think the biggest impact would we switching MisterT800 with Stezo187 for their the time zone window difference is the biggest

Correction, sorry, your idea is not bad.

But at the end this discussion about only one change via surrendering and subbing is very theoretical.
Or do MrT800 and stezo wanna change their Civs?

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I was in a big hurry, when i posted, that your idea was completely wrong, Chiller, sorry.
Now i’ve plenty of time to think and to play :rofl:

I would agree to restart the game.

Yeah I made a mistake. The best swap for regards of the times to play by time zones would be @petrojbl and @matt_lambert, then both -6 players would be grouped and no jumping from -6 to +8 to -6

:laughing:No, think, that suggestion is a mistake now. then petrobjl would have only the first playing-hour of stezo to make his turn. just don’t lokk on +x and -y but on the playing times

I’ll make a vote on the Discord… re-start or playing on in the actual order; think that are the two realistic choices.

Please vote!
(the second one) Discord

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I would vote swap the pertojbl with matt lambert if both of them agree on this first