Island plates ffa 10 all random (1baecde5)

Random guess but maybe it’s because someone at some point of the process saves their game with the wrong BBG active?

@danlmartins did you disable BBG 5.3 and enable 5.1.8?

I now have two versions in my mod list

@danlmartins here is a thread that fixed the problem for me. I wish I hadn’t reverted now

hahah great news!
yeah, too bad you reverted. we now have count on happycamper, but he can take some time to make his turns.

Yup. I was out of ideas, but hopefully this will fix the problem :person_shrugging:

i have all those versions of bbg installed. do i need to do something else before i can take the turn?

i don’t know if your save file needs the be altered to include the static mod ID.
I know @coolmajaka has such file. maybe you can just play your turn normally and he’ll use the file he’s got. I think he already knows how to handle this, do you @coolmajaka?

idk. i get the mod compatibility error when i try to the load the turn now.

if the turn has been reverted i would assume it’s would have been taken from the pydt server archive, and would be before any save modifying shenanigans.

i could resubmit the turn i had taken previously, if that would allow @coolmajaka to do the needful?

I think that would work

I am going to try, :crossed_fingers:

Just don’t revert, I can’t play this turn again. I think I will revert and surrender, no game is worth all this hassle :grinning:

The save looks like it has the right mods :person_shrugging:

it worked. game on!

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Thank goodness!

I wouldn’t feel so bad if this game broke, this is top2 worst start in all my games!
top1 is a no bbg, no bbs game that I’m between desert and tundra, far away from sea as Harald… i’m never playing without these mods again!

i’ve had to revert the turn as there was a mismatch due to player resignation.

so… unfortunately coolmajaka was banned.
what do you guys want to do? keep on playing with AI or try to sub him?

I always prefer a sub, AIs are way too abusable

are we playing this game without a sub?
will the host look for someone?
only @CEO_of_Spearfighting answered, my turn was skipped and you guys seem to be playing normally.
if we will indeed play with the AI, i’d like to revert to my turn, please.

I’ve reverted.