Island plates ffa 10 all random (1baecde5)

Smack talk goes here for island plates ffa 10 all random! Game URL:

Let’s wait some days… If nobody join I turn on latejoin

Am I correct in saying it looks like the game has been started with BBG v5.2.5? Isn’t it supposed to be v5.1.8? BBG 5.2.5 is in red and I can’t Load Game:

This game has been reset by the admin.

I’m confused. was I booted from the game or something?

?? idk. only from game reset or something…

@coolmajaka That tile buying. Really disappointing dude.

Excellent news! If I am making my Civ opponents feel content, I’m not doing my job :grin:

Hi All. I will be on vacation from 3/29 to 4/11 and cannot access a computer. It would be much appreciated if the game could be paused during that time.

Are we pausing the game for Beaveroti?

sure, since he asked for it in advance. we could remove the timer and maybe he’ll play whenever he has a chance to keep the game moving.

We should either leave the timer on for the duration of the game or completely turn it off, for the purpose of fair play.

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Hey guys, I’m getting this error message, maybe the new bbg is causing it? anyone know what to try?

We’re using an older version (5.1.8) of BBG so the update shouldn’t be causing issues as it’s a separate one. Weird.

I subscribed and activated the version 5.1.8, but still get the same message.
On the other hand, the game info on load screen says the game uses the new version:

Maybe we should revert and everyone make sure to use the older version?

I will revert the turn so that the save file can be fixed. @Si1, would you please talk to Calcifer?

I messaged him on Discord and he says it’s fine so @coolmajaka will have to send it to him. He says it’s not guaranteed to fix it though…

What am I supposed to send to whom?

Once Dan has reverted, send the save file to ‘Calcifer’ on the PYDT discord.


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