Civ 6 Map generation examples

(See end of the doc for How to enable the debug bar to reveal maps)


Small Continents



Inland Sea
Each generation basically looks the same.
Map Wrap: No

7 Seas

Island Plates


4-Leaf Clover - looks the same

6-Armed Snowflake - looks the same

East Asia - looks the same

Europe - looks the same

Continents and Islands


A great alternative to 4-leaf-clover and snowflake.

I found the map not to have as many volcanoes as desired. Even playing with the planet age did not seem to increase with the extra mountains.

Splintered Fractal


Tilted Axis
Map Wrap: No

How to enable the debug bar to reveal maps

(Only works for single player games)
Usefuil for testing maps before starting games.

  • Edit AppOptions.txt
    for me: C:\Users\valamas\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI
  • Locate EnableDebugMenu and change 0 to 1
  • Save the file and Restart CIV
  • Start a single player game
  • show the console bar using [`] backtick key (where tilde is [~])
  • enter reveal all (the command can be reused by hitting the up arrow key)
  • the map will be revealed, wonders and you will meet other civs. (Smash that [ESC] key to skip the dialogs and windows)

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