Civ 6 - Revealing Maps

How to enable the debug bar to reveal maps

(Only works for single player games)
Usefull for testing maps before starting games.

Enabling the command

  • Edit AppOptions.txt
    for me: C:\Users\valamas\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI

  • Locate EnableDebugMenu and change 0 to 1

  • Save the file and Restart CIV

Using the command

  • Start a single player game

  • show the console bar using [`] backtick key (where tilde is [~])

  • enter reveal all (the command can be reused by hitting the up arrow key)

  • the map will be revealed, wonders and you will meet other civs. (Smash that [ESC] key to skip the dialogs and windows)

Best times to use the reveal all command

  • On the leader screen before clicking “Begin Turn”. All the wonder, civ-meeting, wonder popups come all at once.

  • Before settling your city. You won’t meet the other civs and is the fastest way to inspect the map.

  • Settle your city and burn 3 turns. By now, all civs should have settled their first city.