Zeta (8355b5e9)

@EmJayLambert @Osprey

Here is the solution provided for Matt’s trouble in rejoining:

Now, of course, it seems that Osprey2024 has joined us instead,
(perhaps without having read this thread? Sorry, to have mislead you, Osprey.)

Matt, if you can let me know the next time and day you will be available to perform the self-substitution, I will make a point of resetting the substitution flag just before that time, so we can avoid another long interval where the game is open to others joining.

I am based in London, so GMT dead on.
So let us aim for GMT 10am - 11:59pm ? So i guess that is 5am - 7pm GMT-5 timezone ?


Yes, I am sorry, I will request substitution, and Matt can rejoin if/when he wants.


It is almost a month. Any news or plans ?

I have some thongs to try tomorrow from the company. Will feed back

Any news ?

Can we have an update by this weekend, setting out a minimum and maximum timeline?

Ive ordered a laptop as back up. Minimum tomorrow.

I may have ordered the wrong thing but if so i can swap it say maximum 10 days.

This is another game that has been stalled for over a month, if nothing happens soon I will surrender from this one too.

I need to leave these stalled games so I can join new games. I can’t be joining new games because I have no turns to play and then suddenly I’m lumbered with an extra 5 games because all of the stalled ones start up again.

So is this game dead? Turns have actually been coming in slowly, but two players leaving with no explanation in the span of 3 days? This is not acceptable behavior… I can understand that the Cree are getting slammed, but it is still not a reason to leave without a word, you should at least petition for irrelevancy -_-

Do we replace them or just abandon the game? I have no interest in playing comps.

Will hold turn till we decide one way or another :slight_smile:

I’d rather play than not. I don’t think holding until we make a decision is respectful to the players who are still in.

If there’s an easy way to look for replacements then let’s do that, but we should keep playing while we’re looking. It’s not as though we’re at an early stage of the game where a few turns will make a huge difference to someone coming in now.

I am with J-Dog on this. If you do not want to play, you should try for a sub, post on the sub page here.

Fair enough. Dont complain later on that I got an unfair advantage tho.

Holiday ?

Will play later on. Was hoping to play on the pc but its delay after delay from this shit company