Zeta (8355b5e9)

Smack talk goes here for Zeta! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/8355b5e9-5fc4-4c75-86b1-2be5bdf5c7bc

looks like a great game! a lot of things to download…but will make a better balanced game
It will be slow cause of the number of player, isn’t it better with a little bit higher speed ? not online but fast for example…

Anyway i’m in for the next 5 years :wink:

@zarquonwhereareyou I can sort the game once full if you like.

Thanks for the offer.

As regards speed, some of us are allergic to greater than standard, and even crave epic occasionally. :exploding_head:

I’d like to join, but I want to make sure that I have all the packs. Where do I find them? I’m GMT -8 (PST). I play the AI several hours most days, so I can commit to many turns each day.

Here is one link for Truly Abundant Resources

and a few others.

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Thank you. More Maritime: Seaside Sectors is marked as malicious by Steam. image

Interesting. I have a couple of games running with this, and judging by the discussion thousands before me. Perhaps something somewhere has been hijacked - not sure who to follow up with here. Have you posted anything on the developers page to query this?

Sorry, I don’t know where the developer’s page is.

I will try to let them know, when I have a little time.
We can always drop this option for this game, if it remains an issue.

i dld the "more maritime: seaside sectors " today and i have no problem or steam notification with it !

got all mods no problems :+1:

I tried it again today and it subscribed no problem. Civ VI should have a unit called “gremlins” because I swear they put them in these computers.

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Speaking of gremlins, I am having problems loading Civ VI, possibly due to memory issues. I have ordered a new gaming computer. I will not join any games until I get it set up.

I’m withdrawing from this game. I have too many games ongoing lol

OK I’m back in, 2 of my games have finished and 2 more nearly finished, and another I’m nearly conquered.

by the way, the more maritime mod has now disappeared from the workshop

@Pete, @Donlooky, @chld87stv, @J-Dog
Please let me know what times of day in your local time zone you usually play, so the play order can be sorted out. Only one more player needed to complete the roster.

Can I choose my Civ, or is it supposed to be random?

I’m GMT -8. I usually play around 800 and 2100 my time.