Zeta (8355b5e9)

Put it on a turn timer, other games have done this for this problem.

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After a brief research, I was thinking of setting the game parameters to Turn Timer on set at 2 days, with “game paused during vacation mode”
After a couple of weeks of this, I could reduce the time to a 1.5 or 1 days.

Comments? Approval? Howls of indignation?

Should i also be setting players can join after the start ?

Not sure I understood this bit:…
If a player’s turn is skipped, they are changed to ai ?
So, if someone wishes to rejoin, some manual intervention is needed to restore them to their spot ?
Is that something the individual can do, or i should do, or it needs a request to @mrosack ?


Thanks for the suggestion.
Heartfelt good wishes for the future of your democracy over there…let’s hope…

At the moment all i see is stormy weather…

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If a player fails to make a turn in time, then the AI will take that turn. Player will still be in the game and able to take their next turn.

I’m fine with turn timer, I don’t mind if I’m unable occasionally to take my turn and AI does it for me.

I’m fine with turning on a timer.

Timer’s a good idea.

Timer is good

Looks like a majority…thanks everyone.
Timer is set to 2 days, with game paused during vacations.
I will see how we go, and then reduce timer interval.

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Andrew Smart has requested replacement.
Any suggestions/recommendations, or shall i just mark it for substitution ?

Mark it &advertise in the pydt discord

Thanks, Matt.
Have done so.

No bites yet.
I played with the timer, skipping thru Andrew’s turn, then reset to 1.5 days.

@Phuzzy @Osprey
It looks like another slot is currently available in this game.
Would either of you care to join/rejoin ?

Ok, I do it. andrew has to be replaced in a lot of games. It is only fair I take some.

Sorry to see him go.
Happy to see you arrive.

Dogboy has advised a fatal PC event, with a couple of weeks’ delay before motherboard can be replaced.
I will adjust timer etc prior to his turn.