Valamas' Fantastical Tree Map - Always War (5ba06410)

@Valamas Sorry to hear you have to quit!

I have to agree that your games are always well designed. So far the combat experience in this one has been entirely different; with all the trees affecting visibility & movement.

@andrewsmart48 Hope you’re enjoying our battles as much as I am! Good job punishing my early game mistakes… :sweat_smile:


i would be dead by now if i hadnt got lucky with that promoted scout

That first settler getting captured was a huge setback for me! I confused the rules of this game with another (modded) one where scouts couldn’t fight… :sweat_smile:

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and i had the woods promotion so 3 moves

Right, already forgot about that one. You settled it in a pretty good spot, too, since I didn’t manage to take it back :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello to everyone, I have just arrived, I’m trying to adapt to this game, happy gaming to everyone :grinning: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Welcome @PerroFlamer ! Good to have you aboard!

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@andrewsmart48 everything ok?

New pc on the way. 3 says hopefully

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Ok, no worries! Just checking :slight_smile:

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getting it at some point on Saturday. will get everything set up and sorted and played Sunday

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Its ok i see it above

I’m almost done, well played Teddy :smiley: :+1:

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Thank you @PerroFlamer