Valamas' Fantastical Tree Map - Always War (5ba06410)

Understood. Thanks for the warning.

New Game - Valamas' Always War Mode "Sea of Islands" | Civilization 6 | Play Your Damn Turn

@kapshul Greetings Mongolia. Geneva is attacking you. I’m sure that you know that this is beyond my control.

Does anyone have a reference as to the properties of the expansionist? In particular, does it culture bomb? Does it have to be adjacent to a city border to be activated?

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yeah claims tiles, creates a fort i think and can go anywhere.

the civilopedia should tell you

It doesn’t

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Sure. I know.

@DogBoy511 Unless I am missing something or was asleep. Apologies if I am wrong.

How are you able to enter a Woods tile and then fire with your archer? I am sure I have lost a unit to that a few turns ago.


@Valamas You didn’t lose a unit to that archer. You lose a unit to the other archer who could now fire as soon as that archer revealed you.

how is that archer firing over trees and not on a hill from that city?

I will have to let you know when I get the turn again. All I know is I moved that archer you see in the picture, it revealed one of your units, my other archer fired at it.

i got shot from 2 tiles away through trees i was surprised too

My archer that fired at your UU didn’t come from the city, it came from between my two cities. As soon as I moved the archer that you see in that picture you posted it revealed your unit allowing my other archer to fire at it. There must be a setting in this game that lets you fire over trees.

Yeah, I was surprised to be able to fire over those trees, but figured it was a setting from one of the mods…

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I am going to have to fire up a duel player hotseat with myself to experiment on trees hide units before starting any new games with it. so if you have any specific examples, please post small screenshots if possible or a description, here or message me and I will collate them. thanks

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Irrigation tech does not include clearing of marsh. Does anyone know which tech will have this? Or will we be stuck with marshes the whole game?

It makes a difference as to where I put districts.

This is odd. There are no settings I am aware of that does this. DB Gold mod does not do this.

thanks for this. to me, it makes no sense and has no good purpose, but there it is

Yea, I will keep that in mind for future games. Sorry if that put you out.