Valamas' Fantastical Tree Map - Always War (5ba06410)

@elvirus and everyone.

Play hard, play fair.
Always war, declare as soon as you meet.

Heads up: I’ll be on vacation next week. I’ll try to get my turns in once a day, but can’t make any promises…

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Do you remember the complete settings for the Fantastical map? I downloaded it and was messing around. I go from desert and plains to swamp and rainforest. I made about 20 games and messed with the settings, but I have not seen one forest. Not one! I can get snow, tundra, mountains, plains, ice, water, rainforest, rivers, lakes, but not a single tree in the entire game.

This game is


Thanks. Not sure what I was doing “wrong” but those are very close to the settings I have been trying and I never saw woods. Maybe the world age or number of continents had an effect.

Not sure if you are doing this already. I test my maps for many different factors like the spread of civs, by loading my configuration in single player and revealing the map.

(See end of the doc for How to enable the debug bar to reveal maps)

No, I have never done that. Didn’t even know that was an option. Thanks for the tip.

Maybe it is posted above somewhere, but I can’t find it. What are the barb settings? Also, how many city-states?

I have updated the main post.
Barbs are normal. BBS has that setting to make them raging. BBS is not in this game.

Is there a reason i am not accumulating faith when i should be?

i get 2 per turn as Indonesia but i have 0

You have to build your Pantheon Obelisk and get a pantheon before you can accrue faith. It’s called “Pantheon Obelisk” under DB’s gold mod. Check the 3rd picture in the game description. One of your first civics is the ability to increase production of your pantheon obelisk by (I think) 30%. Build that, choose your pantheon, then start accruing faith.

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City Centers next to a Lake or a Coast tile?

I started a game on my own, hotseat with the AI using the same configuation. As soon as I settled my city (as above), it is showing +2 per turn.

yeah but my actual faith doesnt rise. play a few turns

It will never rise until after you build your Pantheon Obelisk.

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I see now, thanks for clearing that up.

weird (has heppened before in other games).

Two of my units disappeared. No battle notification. One was at full health. One had attacked @DogBoy511 the previous round (did you kill it?).

I have money

No, I didn’t attack your unit. But I did see a barbarian horse archer next to your Cree scout (can’t remember the name) so that’s probably what attacked you. Since I go last the barbarian would go before your next turn.

Yea, that guy is still alive. I think aliens are involved.

@kapshul Greetings Mongolia. I have declared war on you as is required by the game, but practically, it’s not going to happen until eras later (if at all) due to these God-awful woods that slow movement to a crawl. I will take your settler though unless you move it. Signed, The Imperialist Country of America.