Trewqh's 3rd game! (326bbe10)

Smack talk goes here for trewqh’s 3rd game!! Game URL:

I didn’t notice that this game is old world when I signed on. I’ve never played old world before. I ready to give it a try. Does anyone have a reference or guide on how to play it? TIA!

It’s a bit overwhelming at first, definitely google for beginners guides, there’s a lot of weird stuff that you won’t even know is there but it doesn’t get too complicated until 5 or 10 turns in.

Also, get the mod - Old World Mod Install Instructions For All Players

It says that I have to pay $32 for the game.

And it’s worth every penny if you can afford it :slight_smile:

@OtherRealisms1 - If you don’t want to buy it let us know and we can find a sub.

You should get a sub or restart without me.

Sure, np. Can you got to the game’s page and click the Surrender button?

No, don’t do that. We need to sub the player first.

@CerynCaribou is interested. Says that he will be away for a month from the 27th.
So if a month off is not what is wanted, then we need to find another sub. Let me know and I will advertise again.

Personally I’d rather play with one AI.
What do others think?

I’m fine either way

Please let me know what you want me to do. I apologize for slowing down your game.

I dont want to play with an AI, I would rather find a sub

To clarify, I’ll be on a boat for a month. Usually when I find a marina every 3-6 days I can churn out a turn, so its not a month long pause. If that’s still too much then good luck finding someone :slight_smile:

sounds fine with me.

If you still need a sub I am interested to play

Sorry, CerynCaribou, this sounds too slow for me.
Welcome aboard, Laurentiu!
Now, how do I replace the players? Do I kick OtherRealisms and Laurentiu joins? Or is there a different way?

Normally you post in game support on the forum but I went ahead and did it, gtg!

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