Phuzzy's 1st game! (a528b07b)

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It looks like this is your first time hosting a game, welcome!

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We have six players now. I will start the game tomorrow.

The game has started! Good luck to everyone.
Please remember to follow the rules club rules and etiquette. Especially how to deal with AI players.

Yeah Ha, have fun everyone :slight_smile:

I’m usually not so much the type for bitching around. But this time I really have to complain about the barbarians. I have so much of them like never before in any civ game. There are two barbarian camps in my vicinity. In the south I encountered two barbarian horsemen and two barbarian horse archers. And I think I will soon get visited by more barbarians from the west. Oh, and another barbarian scout discovered me from the north. His exclamation mark is indicating even more will come from there. I have already lost several militarty units. I can’t even think about founding new cities or at least exploring the map. Feels like I lost this game from the start.

Yeah that’s rough. I am sending my units towards you, but terrain makes movement very slow and I am still taking care of my own barbarian problem.

Thank you, that’s kind. I guess barbarians don’t attack cities?

i have been ok so far

I move from the north to kill a lots of babarien and hope the village is in the south. And hell ya, it´s rough, but I love challenges :slight_smile:

they can’t take your capital, but they can attack and raze other cities.

yeah let them suicide on your cap if needed


horse barbs are the worst.


true. i just researched archer and i start to build one.

Archer even better

Hello everyone, @Tamil_Ronin has not played his turn in any of his games for at least a week, and he has not set himself on vacation. I would maybe wait another week, but I have seen here substitution players are searched for his place in his other games. I have asked the admin of this games if he has any information about Tamil, and I’m waiting for his response.

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The admin of the other games with him has no information about @Tamil_Ronin either. He does not respond in the forum or in discord. I put it up for vote what do do next.

  • Wait another week
  • Just kick Tamil to replace him with AI
  • Look for a substitution

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