Operation Argument (3f4f440e)

I hope they are bringing snacks.

something has happened to my copy of Civ

anyone know why this has happened and how to fix?

I don’t know, but I suggest you post this in the PYDT Discord.

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here’s a development I wasn’t even trying for :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Screen Shot 11-23-23 at 07.04 PM

Lol, nice one! I’ve barely even started building up my cities :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello friends. I know that you don’t get a victory screen for a culture victory. I’m not sure how to know when I have won. Just wanted to share my tourism stats so someone could explain what it is I need to check so that I will know if/when I have won a culture victory?

Thanks for the help

I think it’s impossible to tell from the screenshot above. Your total Visiting Tourist Score is 361, which means you’ve won if every other player has a Domestic Tourist Score lower than that, but the domestic tourist scores of other players aren’t shown here.

Normally you’d see it in the victory screen, but the “Remove Foreign Info” setting from DB CIV VI Gold mod removes that…

Are you sure you don’t get a victory screen for culture victory? If so, maybe everyone can check their Domestic Tourism Score on their next turn, and report it here?

Cultural Victory is enabled.
My tourism is

My tourism is +4 per turn.

It’s your total Domestic Tourism that counts; you can see it when you hover over the tourism.

Mine is insignificant:

Mine is 10.

We are 2.5 years into this game. I am just getting close to another civ. If the game is not calling this, I am game with declaring a winner and playing for the next win. Up to the rest of you though.

Hmm, I believe I was wrong about the Visiting Tourist Score before. Looking at the screenshot again, @Fatusblobus has a Visiting Tourist Score of 12, and the 361 is the number of visiting tourists:

Looking at Domestic Tourist Score, @Valamas has 16, I have 14, and @dand4444 has 10.

So, @Fatusblobus , in order to trigger a cultural victory, your visiting tourist score would need to be higher than @Valamas’ Domestic Tourist Score (unless someone else has higher than 16).
In other words: your Tourism per turn needs to be higher than Valamas’ Culture per turn, in order to catch up.

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That said, I’m fine with whatever the majority decides.

yep i need to hit visiting score of at least 17 and then make sure nobody has a domestic score that high.

I’m fine with continuing the game, I just wanted to check.

I will report back when my tourism score hits that number.

@Fatusblobus are you still playing? Vacation mode?

still playing. Sorry family stuff this week. Unexpected.

If the majority votes, I will end this game. I will not be voting.

This is a marathon game. 1 round a week is slow.

If you wish to voice your vote, you can do so here or as a private message to me.

I have lost interest. Only reason I’m still playing is I don’t like to leave people hanging. So I’m fine to end it.

I’ve been pretty much defeated and am just trying to slow down the conquest/destruction of my remaining cities. I’m fine with ending the game as well.

This game will have a turn timer of 1 day which will be turned on tomorrow…