Operation Argument (3f4f440e)

Smack talk goes here for Operation Argument! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/3f4f440e-6c91-461a-a009-2e8944b65e2f

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I would love to play but I’m on vacation for the next 6 weeks. I don’t want to hold up the game so I must decline on this one.

Really wanted to have you in this game.
I will delay the start by 6 weeks. I will start the game but will not do my turn until you are back.
Please join if that is ok.

Please select your civ.
I would like to pause this game by starting it so I can post my next game.

Nubia- Valamas
Gaul - Elvirus
Scotland - Fatusblobus
Portugal - dand4444
Rome - Buno
Brazil -geoff
Ramiro - Khmer

Valamas, you can start the game once you get it going. I’m on vacation but have the ability to play my turn once a day, or once every other day. Will just be a slow turn around from me for the next 6 weeks.

Thanks mate. There is a Holy War game coming up next.

Those that do not select a civ will be in the first roll for Khmer.

err Im a bit confuce … is a pool to select or any is ok ?

No worries.
Everyone selects a civ to be added to the pool
Then from that pool I random out a civ to each player

How about Lady Six Sky for my selection.

good !, I ad khemer with the good java!

I selected Brazil but now it shows I picked random. Do I need to pick another civ/leader?

I have a comment I am updating above. Soz for the confusion.
I was about to start the game at the time.

So @Ramiro. Khlmer, is that a double chance for you for that roll? lol

Nubia - Valamas
Gaul - Elvirus
Scotland - Fatusblobus
Portugal - dand4444
Rome - Buno
Brazil -geoff
Khmer - Ramiro
Lady Six Sky - petrojbl

For those who have never played Zombies mode before, be aware. The zombies start out easy but get exponentially harder. I have only played Zombies once but the winner is not the person who won the game, but the person who lasted the longest. The zombies overran all of us and razed all our cities. You have been warned.

Well, having never been that far. Thanks for the heads up. I will remove it from this game.
I do have a number of zombie games but this one is most concerning (exciting).

The map is almost all sand. Oh… and zombies.

I am Lady Six Sky

Nubia - Valamas - Lady Six Sky
Gaul - Elvirus - Brazil
Scotland - Fatusblobus - Portugal
Portugal - dand4444 - Khmer
Rome - Buno - Rome
Brazil - geoff - Nubia
Khmer - Ramiro - Gaul
Lady Six Sky - petrojbl - Scotland

I am trying to resolve the incorrect civ assignment on the player image

Wait, zombies? I must’ve missed that :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone explain to me what that is about? :sweat_smile:

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My new game
The Holy Land

Uses the same gold mod.

You are invited.
Password: holy cow