Operation Argument (3f4f440e)

Sometimes reverting twice fixes it.

I have yet reverted… not sure who has the turn now…

Reverted to @petrojbl1

I’m getting the same error as Ramiro. Also reverting.

Mod error, reverted.

Just check your profile. That you do not have gameplay mods in your playing profile.

I did have a mod that recently updated and it added itself to my playing profile. Here is my mod manager (by finalfreak) showing no gameplay mods.

More info on the mod manager in my article if you are interested.

Also, there is banter here in the discussion. Anyone care to read through it?

Are you directing this at anyone? I reverted as it seemed to be the same issue. Looking over the mods, the only one I see having an update relevant to this is the DB’s Civ VI Gold. I suppose we could try rolling that back an update or two.

FYI I didn’t have any issue replaying my turn

DB rolled another update. Are we okay or is it still crashing?

Still crashes. I disabled all, no load. I put them in manually. NG Strategic Forts is in blue, not sure what that means.

Please send me your save file in discord. Ill kill the game before it shows your turn if it happens to work.

Played. Rolled back DB’s gold V22

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this game has been paused for over 100 hours - @petrojbl1 everything OK?

Yeah, the mod install isn’t working for me. I guess you can find a sub for me on this one.

Have a look at this

This didn’t help me.

DB says he is making an update.

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Sorry to report that the player just quit on us. I have advertised for a sub.