Onan's game! (04a2043f)

Smack talk goes here for Onan’s game!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/04a2043f-817e-4cb2-85e4-af48fd9c80c4

Welcome! - Let’s see if we can get some players in from our discord channel!

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Hi, I just joined the game and wanted to say hello.

Hey @Onanista, your game is ready to start. We are here to help if you need it.

Thank you for encouraging players to join. I will start the game this afternoon or evening…only morning here.

Hi everyone!

Okay, looks like it is up and running. I guess I know who at least one other civ is…no way around that is there? Hopefully I haven’t done anything wrong.

It looks allright.
We’re able to see all civs in the lobby when we’ve loaded up our save files and in the PYDT client.

It’s gonna be interesting to see if the turns are gonna be quick even though we live in different parts of the world. I’m in Sweden.

Have you played a lot of Civ 6?

My game says 246 hours, but I’m sure that includes idle time. Rusty and didn’t play it as much as earlier versions. Started MP with civ3. That was the best MP experience, I think!

Oh, ok. I have played Civ since i got the first one on 2 floppys. I was too small to really understand why I was losing all my money back then. I loved it anyway. I never played 3, I loved 4, couldn’t really get into 5 and only started playing Civ multiplayer with 6.

This is the first time I’m playing with stangers. I’ve only been playing with friends before.

Yep, I started with the original civ too, circa 1991? We must be of an age…!

I’m right there with you guys, I remember playing Civ on my old 486. I switched over to freeciv (an open source clone) for a long time, and only last year found my way back to the official releases. So I’ve played Civ I and Civ VI, and that’s it. :slight_smile:

Are we following club rules for this game?

My father brought home an old 386 from work in 93-94. It ran Civ but i think it was a quarter of the speed. The units should “blink” about twice per second but mine blinked like every other second instead.

I’m not entirely sure what club rules entails. Got any link? I’m up for some structure, there are some flaws and expolits available unless we’re using rules.

The club rules are pretty good.
There are a couple of them I don’t really agree with though:

No trading with the AI

Good, but I think you should be able to accept incoming deals from the AI.

AI is in the game? The only city that can be captured from that point on is the capital. All others must be razed.

If a player suddenly surrenders, should I not be able to take the rest of his cities if I’m halfway there? I get that you shouldn’t declare war on the AI just because he’s an easy target and you shouldn
t abuse the fact that is an AI but there are cases where you’d feel really cheated out of cities if a player drops out in the middle of a war.

Casus belli is required to declare war.

No surprise wars? To give the other player a heads up or what? I guess formal war is allowed although it is not really a casus belli?

The last one might be all right because it’s nice to give a heads up i guess. Is it to avoid settler and builder steals?

I recommend the friendly rules for this game if you are considering having rules.

The friendly rules do look a lot simpler!

This may clear some things up: there are no city states and no AI.

Old habits from civ3 MP die hard.

The club rules seems okay, as well. Just there’s a bunch of options and I’m not sure I can be bothered, at least not right now, specifying which we’ll follow.

Friendly rules okay? Seems minimal but banning a couple obvious exploits.

Can you clarify what the difference is? I read through that page a couple times and couldn’t find a clear delineation between friendly vs club rules. I thought it was all one ruleset.

From what I can see, these are the only rules under Friendly (while Club has many more possibilities):

  • Not reloading for the purpose of tile or battle scouting.
  • Great people outside of your territory must be escorted by, at least a scout.
  • Once an AI is in the game; players consider adding AI rules from the club rules.