Michaqel's game! Huge Earth (3d53c284)

Sorry, I’m not able to play as frequently as I was in the past. I took my turn to get the game moving again. Feel free to kick or replace me. I’ll surrender if my turn comes around again so I don’t hold it up.

Hey LeechSucka, sorry to see you go mate, but thanks for playing.

Well it’s been a month…time to kick @LonExStaR??

Hey Pete, agreed.

I don’t know about everyone else but if I am not going to be around for any length of time I make a point of putting up a post so everyone is aware so you are not left hanging. Just seems polite.

If there was a good reason I am happy for a delay, especially for a game that’s been going for over a year.
Anyway unless anyone is able to contact them then we should do what is required to get it moving again…

As the game creator is no longer in the game I think the new owner is the next in turn of play. @Crazyhorse are you able to kick @LonExStaR ?

Hey Pete, I am happy to do that if others in here also wish to remove him… Guys? However, after taking a look, I can not see an option to remove him anyway?

Probably have to refer this to Admin then. Not sure who that is, anyone?

Sorry! If I haven’t been kicked yet I will take my turn in a few hours and keep up daily. This game got lost in the mayhem over here. Very sorry!

Hi @LonExStaR that’s great! Glad you’re back :smiley:

Thanks! Unfortunately, I took my turn and the game hangs on “Please Wait” screen and never makes it to where I can save the turn or crashes. There was an update to either to Civ or Steam (not sure), but I am going to start a re-install and hope this clears it up.

Anyone else experience this issue?

Seems like this type of issue comes up from time to time. I think reverting the turn sometimes works so we could try that is reinstall doesn’t help.

Saved! Seems like a DirectX 12 problem, maybe. Could be the NVIDIA drivers too.

Again sorry! I hate to say that I will be going on vacation 31 March until about 10 August. I will try to make my moves during vacation if my laptop version of the game still works.

That’s quite a vacation.

I’m back! Nice vacation, but had a lot of work waiting for me upon my return.

Having problems taking my turn. Was there a game update since I took a turn?

Nevermind. Did some windows updates and it worked.

I cannot view yield icons on Civ/Mac. I did read something about large map memory optimization option that may be causing this but cannot find a setting for it.

Any ideas appreciated.


@Fatusblobus :nudge:

sorry for delay. Busy week at work

No worries. I was just hoping that we might finish this game in less than 3 years :laughing: