Michaqel's game! Huge Earth (3d53c284)

Smack talk goes here for Michaqel’s game! Huge Earth! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/3d53c284-e012-4be2-9c33-5f3b1df90db4

Hi will you be using TSL?

What does TLS mean please? You mean time skip limit? I donť know. What is better?

TSL = True Start Location

It means your civilization starts on Earth at their real historical location

:smiley: ok :-D.

In game are both maps. And Germans in jungle are very strange, isnť it? Or Shaka on Siberia :-D. Ok I choose true location without some surprise. I hope that the algorithm for generating the nations will be clever…

Hi, I tried reorder players. I am playing with some players so I try create order based on this information. Not based only on time zone.

So I am going to start this game…


Europe is very interesting :smiley: England(I am), France and Spain :-D. Sorry Paris have to grow on other position… British Islands are too small :-(.

Attact is possible directly from continent by archeries… French dream :-).

Wow Asia biggest continent only for Vietnam…

How it see in north and middle America? Maya and Aztecs? I have La Manche between France but the North America is big problem in future :smiley:

Looks interesting, never played Poundmaker, but North America is a good start! although there are FOUR of us spread out north to south…

It is good name for your nick name :slight_smile: only Lakota are not Cree.

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will be a bit cramped in north Africa with both egypt and nubia. hopefully we can coexist

Vietnam is laughing all the way to the bank! :smile:

Spain here, can confirm there will be no co-existing :wink:


The Vietnamese prefer to be able to stretch their arms and legs without hitting another nearby Civ :slight_smile:


OK player after me hasn’t taken their turn 1 turn and it’s been 2 days so far

Yes, I see, but he has more then 1k turns in this platform. Maybe weekend? Are you here Leech Sucka?

Yeah, I am feeling the itch too. Every now and then someone might not be able to play every day but it is only a problem if they do it regularly. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt for now but it it happens all the time then we might have to ‘send the boys round’ :smile:

Yeah, I’m here. Sorry, I’m not always able to play on the weekends. This is a big game so 1 player can really slow things down. I’ll try to jump on the weekends if I can.

Really?!? Is this how this game goes? The Egyptians existed for more than 2000 years before the Nubians and Greeks.

nooooo :smiley: you have to go to east… east… here is only Vietnam :slight_smile:

wow, you are closer than I thought