Michaqel's game! Huge Earth (3d53c284)

Cool, well hopefully we can all get back to our world domination plans soon :slight_smile:

His capital was about to revolt last turn. Too much pressure from France and Spain I guess!

That’s why I built monument first - would never normally do this (I’m Spain btw)

Ah yes! Think I did likewise. Couldnt settle for a few turns…bit crowded here!

Yes Guys, I lost my London :-(. On the start it was all ok so I build worker. And then France founded Paris 2 hex far away and I started lost my loyalty because the presure was from France and also from Spain. And I had no good hex for food for quick grow :-(.

How goes this game?

Hi @Michaqel. I (France) went for a monument early on as did Spain. Initially I could not actually settle as too close to you and Spain. London immediately joined the French so I have ended up with a good start. We are still only on turn 35 so not much else has happened yet. Sorry you got knocked out in this manner.

In close proximity starts to other civs like we had it is crucial to build a monument for the bonus loyalty

Currently I’m still stuck with 1 city as it is very tight in europe with France and city states surrounding me

It is ok :-). Thanks for game. I am more experienced after this lesson :-).

European friends - as you may know I’m stuck in Southwest Europe with a single city. I request you allow my settler and his escort peaceful passage through your lands that I might settle some uninhabited area far to the northeast. I mean you no ill will.

France will grant you safe passage but would you be better off heading for North Africa?

I have a spot marked out there but it’s a very long way around until my settlers can traverse the seas

The friendship of the Mayans is of the flimsiest substance.

Flimsier still is the Aztec’s most unfortunate start position, sandwiched between two active volcano’s and only a thin strip of land to work. But alas zarquonwhereareyou, “Woe to the vanquished”. Well played dude :slight_smile:

I have only a few turns left in this game. I don’t think there is much point on playing on, but the game looks stalled anyway.

I think @LeechSucka is unable to take turns at the moment and it didn’t sound temporary! Perhaps we should replace?

Sorry zarquonwhereareyou unfortunately you will not survive my next turn, I have enough damage dealing units to take out your last city in one blow before your go.
As for @LeechSucka Peter, what is the issue? it has been a couple of weeks now. If there is no hope of him playing then yeah, we should go down that path and replace him.

@LeechSucka posted on another game something about having Civ removed from work PC so couldn’t take turns easily. Think @LeechSucka responded in PYDT chat for that game and agreed to be replaced. Guess we should wait to hear…
Problem solved @zarquonwhereareyou!

OK thanks for letting us know, I didn’t know we had another chat going. Did you mean one in Discord?

To be precise, he did not agree to be replaced but, while having responded earlier to my request to speed things up, he then went awol again, so I took the decision myself.

Anyone heard from @LeechSucka ?