Michaqel's game! Huge Earth (3d53c284)

Surely Cree does not lay claim to the whole of the South American continent?

The Cree acknowledge the Mayan’s sovereignty over those southern lands, and the Cree will not allow any new foreign settlements on what small land is left within all the Americas. Especially with so much uncharted lands to the east of your territory.
The Cree welcome trade and good relations, but if you continue with your current intent to usurp these lands, we will henceforth ignore the sovereignty of France and respond in kind.

France understands and respects the position Cree have taken with regard to their close neighbour however, the barbaric Maya launched an unprovoked attack on a French survey vessel. Furthermore the Maya incited Bologna in to attacking in the very heart of France destroying a precious Missionary in the process and this conflict is still raging on.
As a result Queen Eleanor no longer recognises the Maya as a civilized society and cannot therefore regard South America as anything other than barbarian lands.

A survey led by a general and backed up to two caravels, you ain’t fooling anyone…

As the Mayan’s point out, we too noticed the military form of your ‘survey’.

The Mayan’s and the Cree have our own differences with each other, but as our diplomats expressed before, any landing on the shores of the Americas will be seen as a threat to both our empires.
If this occurs then the Cree will put aside our disputes and join our southern neighbours in sending some of our settlers across the seas to see what the farming lands are like in France.

If however you both wish to halt hostilities and make amends, the Cree will help facilitate finding some common ground to build on. Possibly leading to a more profitable relationship, and respecting of both your and our sovereignty for a safer region.

We await your choice and look forward to the possibilities that the right decision can produce.

Greetings Lady Six Sky and Hail Crazyhorse.
I note your comments regarding our expedition. It would have been imprudent to send a single galley across the oceans hence two caravel. The General was to access the interior of unclaimed lands in order to seek out remote civilizations and City States. All for the purposes of friendship and trade.
France is open to peace talks. Perhaps the Maya would compensate France with a little sugar?
P.S. Nice artwork, Crazyhorse!


Excellent news and praise the wise people of France.

We will begin negotiations with the Mayans immediately to help facilitate an understanding that will suit all parties.