Game for new users. Password on request. See details. (2d9b51fb)

Smack talk goes here for Game for new users. Password on request. See details. ! Game URL:

Play speed? I have many games going. Your speed is fine.

Away we go!

Thanks for the tip! Didn’t know about that one. Now if only we had a way to jump straight into the game, instead of loading manually via multiplayer menu…

Time for me to go to sleep… Glad we managed to get a few turns going, though…

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England has an undefended settler. I am going to take it. The first war is now on!

Good move, go for it!

Spain has Conquistador. Will peace out if he starts using it on my weaker army.

Sure, no problem. I’m not doing much yet army-wise anyway…

I guess we need to be careful Spain doesn’t get religious victory…

yes, i will start a religion and attack any religious units

Is this post triggering the “read smack talk” button appear in your pydt client?

ok, it worked for me. I have another game and its just not working for that one. Thank you

It is indeed working for me…

Seems like there’s a problem with the servers; can’t submit my turn…

Yep, Amazon Web Services having issues. Just keep trying every so often i guess.

I think we are ready for domination victory. Wanna take out spain?

Yes, let’s go for it. I’m ready to produce more military :slight_smile:

I am guessing you have gathering storm.

Yes I do, why?