Speed up Civilization - The Super Post!

:stop_sign: Play in Windowed Mode :stop_sign:

Breaking out of Civilization to access the PYDT-client or web browser for transfering game saves, or to search the internet; It is so much easier in windowed mode. In fact, the PYDT client won’t pop up in front of Civilization unless it is in windowed mode.

Also review the options “Lock Mouse To Window” and “Mute when game window is inactive”

Pin Civ to the taskbar
While Civ is running (in windowed mode too). Right click on Civ in the taskbar and “Pin to Taskbar”.
You can now launch the game without first launching Steam.

Bypass the launcher
Edit launch settings in steam to load the game without the launcher.
How to bypass the stupid launcher
This works for the PYDT client automatically.
Be aware, if you move the game, you must edit the path again.

Bypass the EULA accept click and developer intro videos
Quick Start (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Disable intro video in options
Options / Application / “Show Into Video”

Whitelist Civ6 in Windows Defender
Civ is made up of lots of little files. Each file read is also scanned by windows defender.

Play in windowed mode.
Minimise the game when not playing and have it sitting on the main menu or similar.

Move the game from your mechanical drive an SSD.
Search for moving steam games to new another drive.
Warning: change the path if you set the "#1 Edit launch settings hack"

Set Civilization process priority to high (not realtime)
See the next post

Game “Hacks”

Set spying to a higher turn threshold
Set their home mission turns to a higher turn limit. Since spies can be interrupted, you can park spies in various places without the interruption / hassle of reassigning the same mission (made harder of trying to recall what their mission was)

Edit the file in this approximate location
steamapps\Common\Sid Meier’s Civilization VI\Base\Assets\Gameplay\Data

Change TURNS to a higher number. I set it to 1500.


Set Civilization process priority to high (not realtime)

To be able to have civ*.exe running at above normal priority. Although, you can go to high, but you may notice your other apps slowing down. Manage as you like.

  • Download and install Process Hacker

  • Ensure the application is set to start when you log in.

  • Run civ and switch to the process hacker task manager.

  • Find the civ.exe, right click and set to high process under priority.

  • Find civ.exe and ensure “save for civ.exe” is ticked.


i was skeptical that a Windows Defender exclusion would make a material difference so i tested it. here are my results. this was measuring the number of seconds between click Start in the hotseat load lobby and hearing the Swoosh when the Save Game/Start Turn dialog appears.

make your own decisions


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Mechanical drive, SSD?
Also, initial civ load to menu?

Hi guys. So I’ve implemented a few of these, and I reckon my civ start time has at least doubled, possibly even up to 5x faster. That launcher was atrocious.

doesnt this no longer work? Steam Workshop::Quick Start (Linux, Mac, Windows)
after i press start in launcher the main menu shows up in 6-7 seconds (i have a fast cpu tho)

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