First time PYDT (e3c85ec6)

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It looks like this is your first time hosting a game, welcome!

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All looks good to me :slightly_smiling_face:

All looks good to me too :slight_smile: Thanks for hosting!


You might want to sort the players in to time zone order before starting the game. It can speed up turn times.

I play noon until midnight GMT zone.

GMT -8, play GMT 1500-0400

Well given @MisterT800 and @OtherRealisms’s wide range of hours for taking turns it probably won’t make much difference changing the order. The rest of us are GMT apart from @Bliss who is only +1 GMT. I often take turns throughout the day and evening, just so you know.

Based on OtherRealisms and my range I should slot before him since I can play my turns sooner. This is how it makes it faster. Can make the difference in getting an extra turn per day.

Alright, I moved him, I trust it’s all in order, here we go!

Wait I just realised, are we playing without any mods?
Like BBG (Better Balanced Game) and BBS (Better Balanced Start)
Don’t see an option on here to add mods or something like that or just play Civ 6 without them, cause apparently it makes those civs more balanced and some might be broken

I’m happy to play with or without any mods…just makes for a different experience either way.

I don’t like BBG because it significantly neuters the special abilities of Civs, but most of my games have it. BBS is supposed to be good at giving everyone a fair spawn.

Two mods that I really like - Detailed map tacks and Extended Policy cards. These mods make it much easier to see what you are doing. They make the game much more enjoyable. They just give you information, they don’t affect make any game alterations or your abilities pro or con.

Detailed map tacks: Steam Workshop::Detailed Map Tacks

Extended Policy cards: Steam Workshop::Extended Policy Cards

Extended Policy cards requires Better Report Screen: Steam Workshop::Better Report Screen (UI)

To subscribe to these mods, just log in to Steam and click on the green subscribe buttons, that’s all you need to do.

I assume your question is how do you add the mods? You need to subscribe to them in steam (find them in the workshop) and wait for the installation to complete. Just tell us what mods you want to play with or not play with and we can pick civs accordingly.

Aw thank you but, sorry I didn’t specify but I do know how to install mods, thank you for letting me know, I was just asking if we could implement those 2 mods into the game, I forgot to mention it before, my bad.

Well, I would like to try those 2 mods as I want to play multiplayer games and it seems to be the essential mods for the community.

Also, I had a look at the mods that @OtherRealisms mentioned, I was already subscribed to the first one and the other 2 mods are really good! Now I really wanna play more civ.

So in this game, if everyone is okay, I will have 5 mods, let me know what you guys think:
Also, is this going to make the game more complicated?
Want to remove one? Add another one?

  1. BBG (there are 2 versions, the new one or the updated one but might be unstable looking at the comments):
    Steam Workshop::Better Balanced Game 5.0 (BBG)

  2. BBS: Steam Workshop::[OLD] Better Balanced Starts (BBS)

  3. Detailed Map Tacks

4)Better Report Screen (UI)

5)Extended Policy cards

Edit: so apparently because I’m a new user, I can only post 2 links, please check @OtherRealisms links

My only concern with BBG is that it keeps changing. Hard to keep up with what the changes are for each version. I also prefer NOT to use BBG. I don’t think it really balances the game. It just makes certain civs better than the default and others worse. If it was balanced they wouldn’t have to keep rebalancing it constantly.

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I don’t mind playing BBG, but if we do lets please play the official version used in online multiplayer which is also more stable this one Steam Workshop::Better Balanced Game 4.8.3 (BBG)

version 4.8.3 not 5

The main problem with many mods is that they fail to load many times and it is ridiculous process to unload them clean and reload which obviously cannot happen every turn in a game like this.

So using any mods that we are not certain are super stable is a risk.

In my mind the better option is to play the normal game and just ban any civs we feel are overpowered.

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Alright, that’s a good point, ban any OP or broken civs, to avoid technical difficulties that would mess our game in the future, so I checked the other mods and they seem pretty stable, what happens if a mod in the future causes problems in our game? Can we remove it and continue or would we need to restart the game?

Or would it be possible, and I’m not sure it would, but we play a normal game but some people can use their mods? Does that work on here? Would it break the game, if it doesn’t change any mechanics, just gives you more and better information?

What I understand is that everyone uses only the mods that the host activates at game launch. I don’t know what happens in hotseat if someone loads the game with a crashed or not properly loaded mod, but most probably they will get errors and will have to quit, reload the mod and reload the turn.