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I’m banning Kupe.
My timezone is GMT+1. I am guaranteed to play in the late evening (roughly 19:00 - 23:00 GMT) at the very least, and I also play my turns in the morning (7:00 to 10:00, varies) before leaving my home for the day unless something extraordinary happens.

I play 1600-0400 GMT/UTC

Ban Norway

timezone: gmt -3
play time: 8 - 23
ban: victoria old

Play time: 12:00-24:00 GMT
Ban Portugal.

I can play between 23:00 and 03:00 GMT and ban Scythia

timezone: gmt -3
play time: 8 - 23
Ban: Canada

Ban Babylon

Ban: Yongle

Playing times (UTC): 05:00-17:00 and often 18:00-20:00

  • Unfortunately I had to kick Matmer as his average playtime was above 10 hours (possibly caused by his late-night playing - we have 2 players slightly above 6 hours but I can’t be THAT picky and life happens). Thus, we’ll need one more player still. If anyone wants to re-evaluate his ban because they thought the Scythia ban was in effect, feel free to - In fact, reevaluate your ban anytime the draft is not complete!
  • I took the assumption that @OtherRealisms bans old Harald (leaving Varangian Harald up for grabs)
  • @danlmartins ; @victormaia86 and @kapshul Can you confirm that the “play time” you wrote is converted into GMT/UTC?

Picture below for reference. I haven’t swapped any players yet, the goal is to create a “chain” of playtimes that follow each other. I’ll do that when we’re full.

Of course

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my playing times are not converted to gmt

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My schedule is the same as Dan’s. I’d rather ban Norway than Canada.

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Time in Brasilia - Brazil.

All three posts above taken in consideration. Here are the changes pending the last player:

We already have a ban on Harald from OtherRealisms, did you mean you want a ban on his newest persona from Rulers of England too?

Sorry, ban Scythia.

If you change Dan and Petro and put Other behind Victor, we could reach 2 rounds/day on “perfect days”

… edit: sorry, we’re still missing one; one who could change everything :joy:

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If it is allowed, yes.

I took the last spot if that’s okay.

Play times 16.00-00.00 GMT.