Fast Game 1 - Highlands, Online spd, BBG, BBS. Timer & Rules. (562fad70)

Adi told me on Disco, that the server is closed; so you should also be out?

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yup, double checked and no longer a member. ah well

Discussion is going on there: Discord

I am getting grief from the site owner so I am leaving my games. Sorry everyone!

@danlmartins: Would you look for a sub on PYDT-Discord?

what happened? relax mate, whatever problem you had with him, it doesn’t affect our game.
can we help?

can you pause the turn timer until we find a replacement?

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hey guys. @Calcifer will sub coolmajanka. i’ll need to revert the the game one turn for all players.

Ok, @Calcifer is in the game already! Welcome, mate. Good luck!
Since coolmajaka quit after my turn, i’ll just upload the archived file, i think it should work.

Thank you. I just played my turn. Please let me know if coolmajaka had any agreement with you that I need to be aware of.

hi Calcifer, thanks for subbing!

FYI for other people in this game, I voted all-in 100% faith in congress, if u want to follow. Otherwise, Ethiopia will just kill everyone with their great faith income.

Menelik is a devout, pious man - a believer and practitioner of the sacred. It’s nothing short of sinful for you to suggest he would commit such disgraceful acts, Calcifer! Our priests shall supplicate the heavens for the redemption of your soul!

looking at this game state, Menelik will win this game anyway. why not, making it a bit hard for them at least? :smiley:
They are going for domination also, and I figured based on troops movement near our territory these past few turns that backstab from Ethiopia is in order anyway, so …

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Such blasphemous utterances! All Menelik is doing is safeguarding the borders of Ethiopia against the malevolent forces that lurk beyond. The world has devolved into a godless place, and it is our sacred duty to propagate our faith and beliefs, thereby restoring it to its former glory and piety

guys, do u want to call this game as its clear (at least to me) that ethiopia will win this?
In 3 turns he is going to backstab france as our alliance runs out, and walk through my cities. I have built units and still building but I dont think there is much hope in defending. Also, he is so great at backstabing that wants to spread crusade to his ally before alliance runs out :slight_smile:
His first trade route to me has started 2 turns ago to just build a road to my cap. great to see such a great gameplay

come on, calcifer… calling me backstabber again… not cool, mate.
i wasn’t going to attack you, i was ready to attack markelix (colombia), the only civ i had not a friendship with.
but since you entered the game you are taking actions and speech to make the game more difficult for me - which is totally fine, it’s part of the game.
now, since you are captaining a movement against my civ, and you have 10/20 diplomacy points, I have to make you my next target instead of colombia.
yes, i’m making roads to your cities. yes, i’ll spread my religion there as well (but only after i declare war, so I get era points :wink: ).
should I not do that and let you have a chance to win a diplomatic victory so you will stop calling me backstabber?
“great to see such a great gameplay” is this sarcasm?
you have always helped when I needed, with file edits, some tips and even subbing in this game and I respect you for all of that.
please let’s keep things running smoothly and avoid resorting to name-calling…

Even if Ethiopia will probably win: I’m playing my games not only to the point a winner is predictable with ab probabiity of - let’s say - 80%, as it is now in this game; I’m playing them till they actually end.

Sorry if my message was a bit harsh :smiley:
I don’t like backstabbing, and try to win my game with other victory types even if my ally is ahead of me. In our case, it is pretty much clear you are ahead of everyone in all aspects so its really not necessary for u to attack your ally. So, you just lose your trading partners when you declare on your ally. But well, everyone plays differently.

I just realized I am ahead in diplo. if I knew that I would have placed harbor in a way to build statue but now its not possible :smiley:
So, you can be sure I won’t get diplo victory since other players probably downvote me next congress.

If I helped in game edits or other stuff, it doesn’t mean I would be nice when playing civ :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry again if the previous message was harsh.

I don’t mind either way. I realised a while ago that I was quite far behind in this game so just chugging along really. Got a nice Petra, so always nice to start turn and look at that for a bit :slight_smile: