Fast Game 1 - Highlands, Online spd, BBG, BBS. Timer & Rules. (562fad70)

Smack talk goes here for Fast Game 1 - Highlands, Online spd, BBG, BBS. Timer & Rules.! Game URL:

hey @coolmajaka !
all good with you?
can you please choose your civ in our discord server?
we’re just waiting on you! :slight_smile:

congratulations @HappyCamper for your fastest turn yet!!
Please, my friend, keep this up! This is supposed to be a Fast Game, it is clearly stated in the description.
I know you have quite a few active games and it can be troublesome keeping up with all of them + real life. I only kindly ask that this game gets a higher priority, since all other players average turn time are so much quicker!
Thanks in advance! Cheers!

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So after 2:10 hrs it’s Jobby’s turn again → with that speed it will get indeed a fast game :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And I thought the moment had come when I played thrice in a day. Alas, it has not come to pass.

Hey guys, how are you doing? I’m here to talk about BBG.
The new bbg has a lot of new changes, including to civs like persia and governors like magnus and liang. I don’t want to judge the new changes here, I just think they are too drastic to be applied to a game already on its way.
I propose we revert the turns since anyone has had to go out of their way because of the new bbg and play with the 5.2.11 static mod.
What do you guys say?
@coolmajaka @HappyCamper @Markelix @Squidoo @Si1

happy to use the static bbg version.

How far back would we have to revert?

None if no one feels they have been hindered by the new bbg.
In another game I had to set a different governor, because of the new changes, so I asked to revert.
But we don’t need to do this in this game if no one feels necessary. For me personally, there’s no need.

The new nerf for my civ is general, reverting would’nt change anything.

But i can live with it. :wink:

static and reliable bbg 5.2.11: @danlmartins @HappyCamper @coolmajaka
updated and susceptible to new changes bbg 5.3.0: @Markelix
@Si1 and @Squidoo, what say you?

Had you reverted now? Thought i had made this turn before…???

No reverts in this game. You can see if there was a revert in the Turn History screen. The ending time of a player’s turn should be the same as the next player’s start time. When there’s a gap, there was a reverted turn.
For example, in the game we’re playing that Jobby is host, “CGH 6 continent ffa”, there were loads of reverts:

It’s almost getting back to my turn and still two players haven’t voted on which BBG to continue. Since static bbg had more votes, I’ll wait ultil it’s my turn again and I’ll ask for it to be edited.

Static sounds good

We should stick with static

alright everyone, the game is edited with static bbg. game on!

dang, i didn’t get to vote. what was the election about?

Same for me…

@Squidoo was using his missionaries to scout my territory. I then asked for an open borders deal, so that things would be fair. He ignored it. I went to war, took one of his cities.
The vote is to form an alliance to take his city back.
I guess you couldn’t vote because we have declared friendship.

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