Fast Game 1 - Highlands, Online spd, BBG, BBS. Timer & Rules. (562fad70)

Think in that case your friends automatically vote “no”.

… or i couldn’t vote cause i haven’t discovered that city yet.

Fun times! :slight_smile:

What’s that @Squidoo???

Quitting a game after a defeat is the lowest drawer. Go on till the end!

oh man… this is awful!
now what? i’m all over him, it would be unfair for me not to be able to take his cities because it’s now AI.

That’s exactly why you always… always have to play to the very end

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On the game i subbed @Squidoo ( Aloha!'s Fractal game 8 players), my first intention was to surrender immediatly… but i did my best till my capital was defeated.

… and CGH Pangaea ranked 8 ffa is just surviving for me since about 30 (or 40?) turns - but i’m still fighting

this guy is trouble. i’ll never have him in my games again.

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Ye. Im trouble. Because Im conquered in next turn wtf.

btw. Danmartins you hahe been banned on my discord because you got spam attack in all my disco channels. You are toxic persona… Goodbye

if it’s just one more turn, why not stay, why quit? it’s ONE turn and you can’t handle?
I didn’t spam anything. I just let your opponents know what will happen if they attack you.
But hey, if you don’t like you quit or ban, right? very manly of your part!
cheers, man. I hope you improve!

you spaming like kid on my all channels so… when you teach, when you loose, you left the game? you are totally noob in this game right?

yeah, lying again. “i’ll be conquered next turn”

People quitting games that aren’t going their way just get added to “the list” and should rightfully be publicized for quitting.

The one behaving like a kid is you @Squidoo,

  • insulting people, when “caught in the act”:

… (was the same when i had friendly asked you, if you’re maybe cheating with 2 accounts [days before i made it public to all])

  • … and quitting, when in trouble

and btw, i’m a noob in this game and playing like one - but not as much as you, if i’m looking on some games :wink:


I guess this basically means the long term viability of the CGH leaderboards is essentially dead. RIP


Are you also dropped out of CGH? :rofl:

no, but other people keep getting nuked from it, so it kinda becomes a moot point. i will just enjoy the games while also loooking for others :slight_smile:

The ladder there is lapsed since it’s obvious, that the initiator of this ladder is a cheater.

But i’m not playing for ladders, i’m playing Civ over PYDT cause i love this game and AI is no opponent.

edit: And by dropping out players, who play games there, it’s getting lapsed once more :wink:

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yeah, the civ AI is dead to me too

Yeah, and exactly that’s why quitting is never acceptable… cause each human player - even if he will soon losing the game, will act better than the AI (if he’s really still trying to do his best).

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