Epic Huge Fractal FFA Apocalypse Mode! (11aa9e9f)

Does anyone else have an opinion on the matter?

Hi, message from andrewsmart on other game chat:


Laptop arrived late lastnight. Will need to download stuff etc. Will start tufns today baring any issues with it.


Well he has till Monday, and then I’ll reinstate the timer if it hasn’t moved by then.

I’m in no rush, there’s so many great games to play right now xD

Final Fantasy 14 came out on Xbox. Skull and Bones. Also my friends and I have been playign Diablo 3 in prep for Diablo 4 coming to game pass next month. And The Crew is about to be shut down forever so I’ve been playign that – there’s not enough time for everything I’m trying to do.

Oh sorry if that person left cause I was taking too long.

I’ve been fluish and bed ridden.

Please turn on the timer. How long can you wait? It has not made a turn for 8 days.

Okay, AndrewSmart. WHat happened this time?

Okay. So he did his turn and everyone is good now?

Sorry team in a good place now. Pc back and working. Laptop in place as back up.

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Good news :smiley:

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Please turn on the timer…

Looks like Andrew Smart disappeared again.

What happened?

Oh, it literally says in his thing that his PC will be back online on Friday.

So lets give him some time, it’s fine. there’s no rush.

Yes, but that was his message from last time he was AWOL :laughing:

Oh was it?

You also think we should turn on the timer and skip him? If you both agree, I’ll make it so.

Please turn on the timer.

Sadly, it appears from @andrewsmart48’s status that he will not be taking turns in the near future. I am happy with introducing a timer. He can then return when able or request a sub or leave as he sees fit.

I hope he’s gonna be okay.

Yeah, me too. Don’t like to hear people are struggling. Hope all good with you!

I’m waiting, waiting for my turn. There is no turning for a long time. I decided to see what was the matter. It turns out that 2 of my turns were missed. Why did they set the timer to immediately skip a turn while on vacation? Please change this setting. I put “on vacation”, on the contrary, so that my turn would not be missed. Please return my turns. I have a difficult war with Spain. We must act carefully. The AI ​​could have lost my units.

That’s so weird because it hasn’t worked like that in the past.

You turned on vacation so your turn wouldn’t be missed?

Also this feels like dramatic irony. I’ve been resisting a timer all this time, and you’ve been the loudest voice for a timer.