Epic Huge Fractal FFA Apocalypse Mode! (11aa9e9f)

Does anyone not want me to turn back the turns.

In his defense I would want the same thing if it happened to me.

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In other games we play with timers, but we never set the setting to immediately skip a turn during vacation. On the contrary, we set the setting so that during vacation the turn is not missed.
Please change this setting. And please roll back the game to my first missed turn.

I was under the impression we had tried it different ways and it didn’t seem to work the way it was supposed to no matter which way we tried it.

But perhaps it was finally fixed.

But anyway I thought the poitn of the timer was to skip people who are on vacation, isn’t that why you wanted it on to begin with?

Will you give me back my missed turns?

Please click “Revert Turn” several times until my first missed turn is returned.

I don’t mind if we revert some turns, I have no rush :smiley:

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Fine with me.

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This has come back to me, but does it need to be reverted any further?

There is no need to return anything anymore.
Thank you for letting me take the missed turn!

Excellent, I shall re-declare war on the poor Incans