Epic Huge Fractal FFA Apocalypse Mode! (11aa9e9f)

Smack talk goes here for Epic Huge Fractal FFA Apocalypse Mode!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/11aa9e9f-1b92-4392-9d5a-3bae48ac1a3c

My last game was a 2v2vAI, but this time we’ll let the lobby stay open for a while and let more people join. There still might be some AI though.

Should we start 6 humans 6 AI?

Should we keep waiting?

We could also do a 2v2v2vAI if you wanted.

For me is better play without AI. But it depend also on other player.

I prefer without AI as well.

no ai ideally

Are you guys saying you want to wait till the game is full of players, or are you saying you want me to just make it the six of us and start?

I wasn’t expecting this aversion to the AI. Surely they don’t take away from the experience, do they? If nothing else, it’s not like we have to wait for them to do their turn.

I’m not completely against the suggestion, just not convinced.

I could also compromise, if you guys want me to drop it to 6 slots and just start – I could drop it down to 8 slots and just have a couple AI –

Just trying to give options.


A) Wait for 12 players

B) remove slots and play with 6 players

C) remove slots and play with 6 players and 2 AI

D) Just play with 6 AI, we were crazy for speaking out against the AI. Please don’t kill us when you take over the world AI…

Wait for 12 or 10 players.

Your wish is my command.

I suspect the general consensus here is that AI players can be easily exploited so best avoided. I’m happy with any option :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand. And seeing as others would be exploiting them and I probably wouldn’t, sounds like that can only hurt me.

I’m pretty convinced.

ai is to easy to take out and then you are laughing.


We only need one more.

Who here is so excited that they can’t contain themselves?

Man I’m gonna make shit crazy. It’s gonna be the apocalypse, and there’s going to be zombies.

This game is going to be cray.

Possibly even cray cray

should be fun.

Yep…let’s get the party started!

It begins!

Not a great starting position for me. I considered spending like 5 turns pulling my settler up to a better spot – but I didn’t wanna lose out on that early game growing time.

Ahhh. Oh dear… Only just read the post from 7 hours ago.

Don’t want to rain on any parades, but had I known there were going to be zombies, I would not have joined. Is it ok if I withdraw/ or surrender/ or delete my start units without forming a civ ? or can you find a substitute?

I have done zombies before - ok for fun/experience once but huge epic with zombies seems guaranteed a waste of a life.

Very sorry about this, don’t like to abandon games, but this looks like unnecessary masochism.

btw, if you have zombies, no need to worry about the ai, they will be neutered quite quickly.

I would implore you to stay

But I couldn’t care less. I wasn’t complaining about AI, they were.

The only one who loses if you leave is you.

might be worth starting again with a drop out so early.

He hasn’t left yet.

I’m still hoping he decides to stick around.

If he does become AI, and gets kill off by the Zombies then it doesn’t really matter to me. I think this is gonna be an awesome game with 11 or 12 people…

But, as always, I’m open to the consensus of the people.