Epic Huge 6v6 Team Chaos Event (f3072ac8)

oh hey, I don’t really have a problem with long turn cycles, I’m just curious. it’s a rough time of year.

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we might need a sub here. been a month

I reached out and he’s out of action for the near future at the very least. Feel free too go ahead with a sub.

I added a 3 day turn timer that will presumably skip over him.

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really good shout

I will be gone between December 21st and January 6th. I don’t know if you want to pause the timer over the holidays or leave things to tick away, but I will be back either way.

we should pause it i say

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Are there a lot of people that want it paused over the holidays?

Copied from the Discord.

"What’s the current temperature on Timers?

because I have people in one game begging me to stop the timer. And on top of it, I have my own issues with it. The app doesn’t seem to sort by timer, and in fcat glitches so it usually doesn’t even tell me how much time is left. In fcat for most of my game, there is no where to tell how much time is left. Even the website doesn’t say literally anywhere. And it’s kinda unfair to have a time limit but not be allowed to know what that time limit is

so should I just remove all timers?"

… some time later when there was no response from anyone (Really only like 10 minutes)

“I removed all timers from the turns for now. But if we get stuck again maybe I’ll activate them temporarily. Feel free to let me know if you think I should use a timer to skip someone, in case I’m not paying attention.”

So you’re welcome to let me know if you want me to skip someone.

The timer shows on PYDT. I’m surprised whoever posted that hadn’t noticed…or been informed by someone else!

That was me who posted that.

And where. Where does it show it? Because I looked every fucking where. LIterally everywhere. Desperate to find the timer.

It says on the App. Sometimes. I had 4 possible turns, it showed the timer on 1 of the 4 turns even though they all had timers. One of the middle ones. Not even the soonest done one. And they werent even in order of soonest to last either.

It didn’t even say on the “Your Games” page.


So I’d really love to be informed.

Ah right! On the app on my laptop it shows which turns are due (with a blue banner) and how long it has been since the last turn was taken. When the timer is on it indicates how long the current player has left to take their turn instead. On your games it was counting down from 72 hours. Any help?

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yeah i see a countdown on this game not a time since last turn

Agree, I did see the countdown timer a few player turns back, but it seems to have disappeared. When it was on, it replaced “last turn XYZ ago” with something like “timer expires …” Did the timer get turned off?

I did just turn it off today, but before I turned it off, I still was not consistently seeing the timers on each of my games. And even then it was only on the app, not on the site, and the app will only show the timer for one or two of my games at a time. it’s so weird and glitched.

My vote is turn it back on. I’d bet that it won’t come all the way around to @Kannibalhamster by January 6th. This is likely to be the case given that this game has only completed 28 rounds in a year’s time.

I mean, I got skipped, but most of my turns are just waiting anyway. not much going on. Sorry, ,just got a bit busy.

we need to find a sub to play china

We seem to have lost another! Can we get subs?

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Dido is dead i think

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