Epic Huge 6v6 Team Chaos Event (f3072ac8)

Oh dear! Whoops! I knew that of course! :smiley:

So we have 2 on one team eliminated, and 2 resigned/replaced with bots. Do we want to keep going? I’m fine with continuing, but things seem sort of 1 sided now with it basically being 5v3

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I felt that there was a big risk of things being one-sided from the start. I am here until the end, luckily it seems that we will not need the full 3-5 years for it after all!

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its crazy that this has been going for over a year already.

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Sorry guys i have a lot on and needed out of games and this ine is over

Hi guys!

i’ms sorry to say it , but , as i told to the guy who created this game , it was going to be slow , boring , unbalanced , and neverending !

i finally joined and tried anyway , but finally , this is a game over , the most boring ever tried !!!

We have played for months like zombies , no civs evolved , our team almost dominated the other , and there is no way to balance the game…

i’ll just quit , cause i’m fade up and bored about connecting , to do NOTHING , just moving units without use …

Please set up games that are exciting next time , this one was just a wast of time and energy , and useless shit , as i cautiously told ^^…

gg to all , beware that IRL real apocalypse is coming ! MWAHAHA , at least ; it’ll be a bit more fun than this !


as told in the first two posts , you can see now , as it is an EPIC FAIL ! if you ever want to play civ , just challenge me , and in two weekexs , you’ll see what palying is all about :wink:

Agreed. This one is over and I’m also looking to reduce my game count.

What was a big failure?

I think I died a while ago.

Why what happened since then?

I enjoyed the game.

And I have no idea what you’re talking about.

This is literally what I come to Civ for…