Epic Huge 6v6 Team Chaos Event (f3072ac8)

Smack talk goes here for Epic Huge 6v6 Team Chaos Event! Game URL: Civ 5 / 6 / Beyond Earth / Old World Asynchronous Multiplayer (PBEM) | Play Your Damn Turn

hey dude , epic speed played turn per turn is a nonsense , this game will never see any ending, and probably never even start . you’ll need to play 2 months to produce a worker.

you should change for online speed , it will be long enough! i know what i say i’ve been playing civ5 on gmr (hotseat mode too) for 10 years…!

“You will play 2 months to produce a worker”

I mean I already have 6 games going at Epic speed, and I have a builder in more than one of them.

It is going to be incredibly slow, but that’s the point of civilization. Honestly I would never play a game faster than Epic, it just doesn’t feel like real civilization to me. Tech advance to fast, you send your bow man off to war and the guy has tanks by the time you get there.

If you’ve never played an epic game, you don’t know what real Civ is. It IS slow, it takes a while. all good things do.

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I’ve had people on another board mention that we should do this without Apocalypse mode. I’m pretty convinced we can do without apocalypse (Though still thinking zombies yes).

My whole thing is choosing modes that will encourage teamwork. Like sending units to help with zombies. Or maybe supporting someone when they suffer to a volcano or earthquake or something.

But maybe Apocalypse is a bad idea. I’m pretty convinced to turn it off, anyone want to argue for it?

I’m up for anything and I can join if you want me, I’m perhaps not the fastest on doing my turns, but one per day is the plan

Sounds good to me. We’re pretty chill and relaxed bunch. As long as you have a good attitude than we can forgive a lot.

Awwwwww shit son!

I was literally just about to do another round of trying to recruit people to fill this last slot… and I looked and it’s filled!

Welcome back Erekose. Decided to give Epic a chance?

Or did you just wanna be on the other team so you can make me eat my words?

either way, we appreciate you being here. I guess It’s time to begin.

1 minute warning!

Last chance for people to change a civ or request a setting. Do it now!


epic things are about to unfold
7 (SEVEN Seven seven even ven en n)
6 Why was everyone afraid of seven? Because seven ate nine.
4 calling birds
3 musketeers
it takes 2 baby
Alright lets do this. 1

Hi guys, I’m really sorry cause I’m away for Christmas holidays and my laptop can’t run civ 6. So I’ll play my turn only next Sunday when I ll be back .,…

Sad to do so cause I always do my best to play my civ 5 games , cause I can, and I hate to slow others games.

Ty for your understanding
And really so sorry to slow the start… Feel ashamed

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Considering our settings I am pretty sure you will have a year or two to make up for this. :slight_smile: Don’t stress on my behalf!

Kannibal beat me to it.

It’s a little disappointing. But only a little. It really isn’t a big deal or even a medium deal. In the scheme of a year or two one week means nothing. And we all have plenty of other games on the go.

Enjoy your holiday and I look forward to next Sunday.

though honestly, with zombies this game might be over faster than you’d think. even with teams, unless people are really careful, the zombies are going to get very powerful, very fast.

I haven’t had any issues with zombies in any of my games yet. I got attacked by one weak zombie once in one game killed it no problem…

Then this last turn I did in my Epic Comp Stomp 2, I looked over at what Kannibal was doing, HE’S BEING SWARMED! He’s got like a bunch surrounding his cities and has a slinger barely holding on. It looked bad.

So I guess thats another lucky thing about spawning in tundra every time as Canada… maybe its away from all the zombies.

Hi , i more want to give a chance to epic , i can’t pretend to make anyone eat his words.

i realised it’s a team game and i love them. and they go faster than usual games .

I just wonder many things how team works , compare to civ 5 ,

Is there already a group for each team , so i can talk group strategies , meet mmy teamates , and get answered to numerous questions?

Sorry for delay to play my first turn and answer here , i just came back few hours ago !

GG to all
My team will beat yours ! or i’ll eat my words ;o)

my first and main question is : do we all share our discovered techs in a same team?

If so i got a strategy to share.

If we got a channel can someone send me a link ? if not , can someone create it , if not i’ll try … but nevere did it with civ6 , maybe i’ll manage on discord

Hey! Yeah Team games are great. I feel like the biggest issue with Epic (and marathon) games is the beginning grind. When you just have one city building something for 12 turns, and you have on unit to move around, and then you get to do one turn a day and all you do is move a unit a spot and make sure everything is going to plan. It can be a grind early on, and I understand how that can turn a lot of people against these slower game types.

But as you get more cities and units, there gets to be more things to do per turn, the turns get longer, and eventually you’ll be grateful for the slower pace and that’s when the game at these speeds shines.

And yeah, I think being in teams will help. At least during the early game when you don’t have a lot to do, you can check in on what your other teammates are doing and then maybe the turns wont feel so much of a next turn-next turn-next turn affair at the start.

Also I’ve alreayd come upon a horde of zombies! between me and my closest teammate.

As for groups to chat. I have a discord for people to chat in, just my old WOW guild discord that I repropositioned for Civ. I can make separate channels for each team… but I made a seperate channel for just Civ and no ones been using it (We all just congregate in general) so I didn’t bother. Also 3 of the people on the team with me have a comp stomp game, and a private chat on discord for that game… you could always do that for you team. Start a private chat with the other members… and I could add my other two team mates and we could have our chats that way.

It’s up to you, I’m down with whatever.

If my teamates are using discord i can make a special channel for this game , on the civ6 forum or as a new forum … either…

Do everybody uses discord in my team ?

I can’t find the list of who are players in each team … whose players are my teamates?

The turn order is in order of teams too.

here is a link to a room for my team , hope everybody can join in 24 hours or i’ll create a new one.


So if players alternate my team should be;
kannibalhamster / khmer
prodatoz / greece
pete /phoenicia
andrewsmart48 /america
[E]Vazhkatsi /arabia
erekose / babylone

facing :

WingcommanderIV / canada
joxxter / China
ramiro /nubia
petroljbl / sumeria
harre /hungary
brunel / ethiopia

Am i correct ??