Epic Huge 6v6 Team Chaos Event (f3072ac8)

would be nice if players join with the link cause i’m not friend with them and it’s not easy to find players on discord (for me , cause i’m not a geek) ;o)

Well. They do not alternate.

I can see, now, how that can effect the game.

For instance, if we’re all at war, and my side attacks one of you… all six of us get to attack before any of you even know whats happening.

I can see how that can be awkward. Though it works both ways, and we could be equally fucked by you guys in that regard.

But I guess Team 1 has a slight advantage from going first.

So after correcting teams should be:

petroljbl / sumeria
harre /hungary
brunel / ethiopia
andrewsmart48 /america
[E]Vazhkatsi /arabia
erekose / babylone

facing :
kannibalhamster / khmer
prodatoz / greece
pete /phoenicia
WingcommanderIV / canada
joxxter / China
ramiro /nubia

Am i correct ??

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And if you want team leaders, I can be team leader of team 1, and you can be team leader of team 2… since we’re clearly the most active on each team.

it’s not about being active , it’s about… having leadership !!! lol

i’ll clearly need advices before i can be a good leader in civ6 … we’ll work as a team , if my strategies are good , teamates will follow…

But i think your team will be surprised :wink:

gg and… good luck ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just because you’re the leader doesn’t mean you have to make all the strategies. A good captain listens to his crew. What a good captain needs is the ability to bring out the best in his people. Inspire them to be active and involved.

Good luck to you as well.

Oh captain, my captain! I have just sent the first round of nukes as agreed upon! o7 :smiley:

Hahaha, wish I could worry about nukes.

I’m on turn 2 and I already have zombies!

Hi teamates !

here is a new link to join our group on discord!

It’s VERY EASY TO JOIN , and very cool , and practical to exchange infos , tips , coordinate strategies!

in a team game , communication makes the difference!

if we don’t join and excnage we’ll lose a lot of fun too !

So come on with us ! don’t be too shy ! i already posted some tips to survive that you’ll need and maybe don’t know :wink:

My team chat already has 5 of 6 members. Just missing Ramiro.

Have you had any responses?

only Brunel , but he was aleady a civ5 friend , so i directly invited him , no
other response… :sleepy: :thinking: :woozy_face:

bro, I just need it to be turn 2 so I can settle a city…

hi err sorry surelly mis something… yup alwais around and in 23 games…
sometimes I miss samething :sweat_smile:

Nope. You missed nothing. Just sent you a friend request on Discord so I could invite you to our private chat… we’re only on turn 2. nothings happened yet.

You responded well within a reasonable timeframe.

Now we have all 6 in our chat Erekose! It’s on now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi all, just wanted to check in. To my understanding Vacation Mode is not just a notification but that the AI takes turns for you. Is that accurate?

I wanted to check with you all, since I will be gone the first 2 weeks of May. Would you prefer that I put myself on Vacation mode or can I potentially bottleneck us for 2 weeks?

just go on holiday and we can wait. happens a lot


so, is joxxter still around? it’s been about 2 weeks.

I know he’s alive at least. To my understanding he’s got limited computer access for now. But hopefully it is resolved in the coming week or two.

And considering how insane and impossible my life has been lately, I cant exactly hold it against him.


same here