[DONE] Question: can I switch from hot-seat game to online

Hi there!

I’ve been playing a Civ6 hot-seat game with a friend using PYDT for some days now, everything went on well. Meanwhile, sometimes I and my friend are both online for the whole day, therefore we though it would be great if we could skip the tedious download-play-upload procedure of the PYDT client by switching the game to online mode temporarily.

I noticed that there is a “Game State Reset” option in the PYDT Admin webpage, it reads:

Reset Game State on Next Upload

This option is mostly for players who switch back and forth between PYDT and normal online play. If your game saves have got ahead of where PYDT thinks the game is, press the button below to allow the next turn upload to reset the state of the game. If you’re having general turn issues it’s probably better NOT to use this button and ask for help in the Game Support area of the forum.

I’ve tried this, loading a hot-seat game save file in online mode. The game did load and open, but it is freezing, no one could move any unit nor finish the turn.

So how to do it properly? Or is it impossible.

Thank you very much.

It should be possible, I’ve never personally done it but I put the Reset Game State thing in for @J_Dennis to be able to do this. Maybe if he sees this he can comment.

Here’s some threads where we worked through things, but he never mentioned the issue you’re having.

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[DONE] Change turn number - Game Support - Play Your Damn Turn
[DONE] Change turn number - Game Support - Play Your Damn Turn

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We start games about every third week in Online mode and play for about 2 hours. Then we start up a PYDT-room and load up our save file from the online game. I, as host usually move the autosave from online to the hot seat folder and take my turn before uploading. Next week, I move the newest save file back to online mode and open up a lobby to continue our game for two more hours. When we are done I just press “reset game state” in PYDT, move the save file again, take my turn and upload the save file again for another week of turns.

It works really well.

I don’t know what errors you are getting. Sometimes the game is paused for us without being labelled as paused. I can usually press the pause (P) button once or twice and the game snaps out of the “freeze”.

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Thank you Dennis for your reply.

I assume you are playing Civ6. Based on your reply, I tried first start a game in Online mode, then move save file to Hot-seat folder. But when try to load the game in Hot-seat mode, I cannot start game due to lack of some DLC contents. (I didn’t buy all of the DLC contents.)

I tried again with a vanilla version, disable all DLC content, but still could not get rid of this error.

Did you and all of your friends have all the available DLC contents installed (Civilization VI - New Frontier Pass) ?

Update: I brought all the DLC contents, now it’s working fine. I can switch between online and hot seat mode without problem. Money is the cure!

Also: When freezing, press “P” for one or two times will work! Holy Crab.

Thank you all.

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I’d like to move a simultaneous turns civ 5 game to a pydt game. Is this possible as J_Dennis seems to be indicating above for civ 6?

When I move the file from the multi to hotseat folders and attempt to open, the load game button is disabled.

I’m not sure if people have tried it with civ5, but if you figure it out let us know!