[DONE] Change turn number

Hello again.

Error Message: Incorrect game turn in save file! (actual: 161, expected: 137)
We have had our weekly session and we’re now on turn 161. Can you please edit this for us?

I don’t know if it’s easier to implement a way for us to manually change the turn number or if it’s easier for site admins to edit this every week.

Thanks again for a great service. :smiley:

I added some new code in the backend for a setting to allow updating the game turn state and set the flag in your game to enable it, try uploading and let me know if it worked. If it works OK I’ll try to get some code to manage the flag live on the website.

Thank you so very much, I uploaded the save file successfully so I guess it works.

What does this mean practically? Any player in this particular game can upload any game turn? Not that anyone would send in a different turn than our current one.

It’s a one turn only flag, so only the upload for that turn will be able to reset the game state. I’ll try and get this in the UI before the next time you need it.

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