[DONE] Change turn number


It’s monday again and we have just finished the multiplayer session. This time I was eliminated from the game. I hope it’s possible to change the turn number to 182 and make sure the next player (☭ω☭ Fhtagn ☭ω☭) can upload his save from that turn. He sent me the start of turn save file. I think I should be able to upload it so the turn passes to him.
I didn’t find a way to change the turn number. I think changing game turn number is all that is needed at this point, right?

Same old error:

Sorry, we ran into an error.

Error Message: Incorrect game turn in save file! (actual: 182, expected: 163)


I didn’t get a chance to update the UI this weekend, I set the flag in the game if you want to try again.

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Thanks! I think it’s working. I’m now an AI on the Game Info Screen here at PYDT so my friends are probably gonna be able to continue as usual.