Continents 12 players - less than 6h average time turn only! No password (86085642)

Smack talk goes here for Continents 12 players - less than 6h average time turn only! No password! Game URL:

Hi @andrewsmart48 . I’m sorry but i have to tell you that this game is for 6 hours or less time turn players.

We are in others games together so i hope that we can enjoy playing together in other games.

Thank you.

Up to you but i play quickly. Look at my turn time in newer games. I was on honeymoon last year for 3 weeks. Impossible to recover average time from that.

I’m playing other games with @andrewsmart48 and can assure he has been a fast player.

I think the moral of Andrewsmart’s story is No Honeymoons!

Marriage ruins one’s life in ways unimaginable

I understand. I’ve got a life too and i know how hard it can be to have a wife :slight_smile:

Let’s play @andrewsmart48 !

I play GMT 12p-12a. May be good to set the playing order around everyone’s playing time to speed things up.

Thanks my best times are 1700 to 2200 gmt but available a lot from 07:00 to 22:00 gmt.

i do have a holiday booked 27th feb to 3rd march

I usually play 9 to 18 gmt + 22

I’m available between 16-18 GMT and 22-05 GMT on weekdays and pretty much completely available on weekends

8-23 GMT

gmt -3. i play pretty much at any time, unless i’m away or at a meeting.

9-21 gmt

15 - 5 gmt

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Let’s go with 11 players?


I have a friend who might join. hold on

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That is a very good new :slight_smile: