CGH Quick pangaea 6 players (a8cd6340)

I don’t think anyone will do that soon, as everyone is friendly with the Gauls right now :smiley:
However, I did send you a peace treaty, I guess you didn’t accept it? :stuck_out_tongue:

As the queen of France, I have given the Gauls a modified peace treaty that should be accepted, especially as I have sugared it with a valuable gift.

Scotland is poor and miserable (as I am a sub-in, the civ wasn’t enlightened by my divine guidance from turn 1) so I’m afraid my help would have absolutely zero effect.

Queen Catherine of France thanks the king of Scots for his commendable consideration of how he might be of help to the French people, defending against the marauding Gauls.

Great thanks to shogun Tokimune for declaring war to the Gauls! France has now lost yet another city (Toulouse) to the greedy Gauls.

Catherine, I don’t know how that flood took down half of your walls, but it was just perfect timing :smiley:
Also, it was Lincoln which declared war on Gauls, though I think he’s not listening to his own words: “What you cannot win by words, you will not win with weapons.”

Happy New Year!
We have started this game exactly one year ago :smiley:

Unrelated: @EmJayLambert, unfortunately, a bug gives me +5 strength for a military alliance which I no longer have. You have one turn to retreat without casualties :smiley:

Oh. Well, that sucks. I guess we’re not getting our cities back then.

@HappyCamper do you also get +5 from Military Alliance against USA or Japan?


I skipped the turn. I hope the AI doesn’t do too much non-sense :smiley:

@EmJayLambert, if you wanna give me the chance to re-do my turn instead of AI, I would gladly take it and appreciate it.

sure, done

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Sorry guys, I’m out. Fighting against someone with four heroes and a bugged Military Alliance buff just isn’t really worth it.

The extra +5 from military alliance doesn’t even matter, the heroes are too OP - and I have more than 4 :smiley:

  • btw, I’m never again playing with the heroes mod, it’s really unbalanced.

Agree. I’m here to sub in anyway, and I generally am grumpy towards civ6’s official game modes, but Heroes is… eugh. What a mess.

My civ is doomed af but I’m having a jolly time trying to fix the horrible build order (zero campus or indus zones as Scotland btw) and PRAYING hard that there is land to settle somewhere.

Just feels like this game is decided with Adi in 1st and Happy in 2nd. I can’t push Germany any further so I’m kind of stuck at 3rd.

And, on top of the fact that I got almost all heroes, I also got the pantheon which triples the faith and tourism output of hero relics, which has pushed me towards a culture victory.

From my point of view, @MisterT800 & @HappyCamper should ally and try to conquer me. If successful, they would then fight each other for the 1st place.

In any case, do you want to
A) continue the game (I believe I will be able to find a substitute for @EmJayLambert)
B) end the game right now with a score victory

Does somebody know if my anti-virus system is correct when it complains that powershell.exe is contaminated with IDP.HELU.PSE41, every time I read the game discussions through my PYDT client? How does the PYDT client use powershell.exe? Have you seen something similar?

Perhaps ask this question in the support forum.

btw, I have joined to kill you all.