CGH Quick pangaea 6 players (a8cd6340)

Smack talk goes here for CGH Quick pangaea 6 players! Game URL:

O.k., as Jobby went here, i’ll try to find a sub?
Or do you wanna restart with a new player?

I will take Jobby’s place here.

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LOL, I will never be able to make peace with Muscat :))
Last turn it said that I can peace in -5 turns, now it’s -6 :))

America has fresh tea and fine ivory for sale. If anyone would like to make me an offer, I will consider.

@Markelix , will you consider removing the turn-timer while @MisterT800 is on holiday (until the 16th of July)?

He will play some turns on that time but slower than normal. As long as he has set the “vaccation-mode”, turns will skip after 1 minute with timer.
→ If you put out the mode @MisterT800 , I can “support” you with a longer timer-window.

Don’t want to put the timer off completly - it “helps” some people (not on vaccation) here not to take 3 or 5 days for their turns. :wink:

Set timer up to 60 hours

It won’t help @MisterT800 :frowning:
For him to have a chance of playing while in vacation mode, the timer needs to be off.
Maybe he is ok with the bot playing instead of him in this game, I just think it would be nice if we would avoid that.
Worst scenario: we have this game on hold for 2 weeks.

Damn, I told him on Disco, that he should turn off the vaccation mode… it makes no sense to put it “on”, if you can play turns.

Well reverse the turn and put the timmer off, until he deactivates it.

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Thank you! I’m happy to know that the moves on our map are done by humans :smiley:
It would be great if vacation mode would let you choose if you want or not to automatically skip the turns.

If you announce vacations (best here in Smack) and ask for, I will always turn off the timer for it.
Acctually MisterT800 didn’t ask. But as said: we talked via Disco later.

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Is anyone against adding the MPH mod on this game?

  • if not, I can ask @Calcifer to add it on my next turn

In matches without the MPH mod, players are able to “exploit” the game and leave tech/civic unselected, storing science/culture overflow (for ever).

  • and you are no longer worried that you’ll miss eurekas/inspirations.

This is how MPH - Steam Workshop::Multiplayer Helper (MPH) - helps:

“A technology or civic will be auto-selected at the end of any turn in which you do not manually select one. This tech/civic is always the lowest cost tech/civic that you can research usually from top to bottom vertically in the event there are more than one tied for lowest cost.”


I just wanted to let you know that the American Empire could have avoided the current violence a couple of turns ago.

  • Instead, Abraham Lincoln chose to reject my friendship, denounced me and brought his army next to the walls of my dear city Lyon.

And if anyone wonders why is Lyon part of the Gallic Empire, the answer is simple: the citizens wanted the city to be a Gaul settlement again :smiley:

No, the citizens decided nothing, only the gallic warmonger decided this over the heads of other leaders and over the heads of the people.

@Markelix, both @MisterT800 and @aloha skipped their turn.
I’m reverting to Aloha now. Aloha or you can further revert to @MisterT800.

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reverted (once too much, sorry @HappyCamper ).

Any idea why only three of us were able to cast votes?

  • at least for me to get some info after spending all my favours for nothing :))